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2496381 - Field data from RCM/ONB is overwritten during the Newhire/Rehire process in Manage Pending Hires


When selecting a Recruiting or Onboarding hire in Manage Pending Hires, then navigating through the hire process, you may notice some fields are overwritten or have incorrect data.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Cloud
  • Employee Central


Data can be overwritten during the hire process by a number of different sources, the list below is separated by type of employee:

New hire employee
Employee does not have any previously maintained data in the system. New Hire data (if mapped correctly) coming from RCM/ONB can be overwritten by the following (in order):

1.) onInit Business Rules
2.) onChange Business Rules

If the field is overwritten, check any of the three sources above to verify if the data is being propagated as expected


Rehire employee
Employee is a Rehire and was previously Terminated. The Rehire data will have the source information coming from the database as the records already exist in the system. This data can then be overwritten by the following (in order):

1.) RCM/ONB data will overwrite the database information if the field mapping is setup correctly
2.) onInit Business Rules
3.) onChange Business Rules

Note: The value below the field is always the value coming from ONB/RCM as shown below



Internal Hire
The user is a current employee being hired for another position through RCM and possibly ONB. This behavior is similiar to that of Rehired employees as the source information will be coming from the database because the records already exist. The data can then be overwritten in the following (in order):

1.) RCM/ONB data will overwrite the database information if the field mapping is setup correctly
2.) onChange Business Rules

Important note: Notice how Internal hire does not have "Oninit" rule as a step above. This is because currently the Internal hire UI does not execute oninit rule. This is currently a limitation.

Note: For internal hires, the first value stored below the field is always the previously stored database value and the second value is coming from RCM or ONB. When using the v12 UI, the second value will appear to the right of the field. For PP3, the second value appears below the first value, example below:



If a field is showing unexpected/incorrect or missing data, it could be caused by any of the following: onInit Business Rules and/or onChange Business Rules. Always check these sources to validate if they are causing the data for the field to be overwritten.

OnInit rules and onChange rules can cause data to be overwritten on page load, for example, when navigating from the Personal Information section to Job Information, first the system will trigger any onInit rules that are setup/configured. After the onInit rule are processed, the system will also trigger onChange rules for RCM/ONB fields on page load. Please note, onChange rules typically are only triggered when a change is made to the field the onChange rule is set on, however if data is coming from RCM/ONB, then the onChange rule will trigger on page load.



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