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2498400 - Employee History Import Failure - Variable Pay


  • The Import Employee History for Variable Pay template fails.
  • Corresponding Job Employee Central History processor Job Fails with an Unknown Error Code.


  • SAP SuccessFactos HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Run Employee Central History Processor to import Employee History for variable pay template.
  2. Failure notification is received with message "This scheduled job failed to complete".

Steps for Support Engineer:

  1. Login to provisioning and verify that job has failed due to an Unknown Error Code.
  2. Search for Splunk logs based on Job ID.
  3. Look for error - RuntimeException caught while executing service com.successfactors.hris.service.integration.GetEligibleRecordsForUsersByDateRange
  4. If you see exact same error then go ahead with solution suggested in this article otherwise please create a development request for further investigation.


This is being caused while fetching eligible records for Variable pay and if any user records has effective start date is greater than effective end date which is invalid.

Note for Support Engineer: GetEligibleRecordsForUsersByDateRange is the method which fetches eligible records and if any user records has effective start date is greater than effective end date job will fail.


  1. Verify the data
  2. Correct the effective dates
  3. Run the job again

Note to Support Engineer: If the customer is unable to locate records, request engineering to fetch the records by running a query.


  • Currently job fails without further processing the records however a better fault handling method is being worked in an enhancement request ECT-76002.
  • With this enhancement Job will complete fine and will send list of faulty records in the email to admin so that they can correct them and run the job again.


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