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2501035 - Audit Log Requests for SuccessFactors Learning Configurations/Jobs


Due to system configuration/setting changes, an audit request to find more information is needed.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning


Audit requests are outside the scope of SAP Support. Please look through the existing audit reports in the system such as the User Learning Plan Audit report to see who assigned an item or deleted an item from a user's learning plan or the User Item History Audit report to see how a completion record might have been inserted, modified, or deleted.

While the Learning system has over ten built-in audit reports, not all required data for audits can be found with those reports. If the built-in audit reports do not provide the data that is needed, a custom report can be built as mentioned in 2379690. The data dictionary (2326249) provides all tables that store Learning data and the tables that start with "PH" are the historical tables. If there is no corresponding PH (history) table, only the last action/data is stored in the PA (active) table. Example:

  1.  A Library was made as inactive and it should not be. How was this made inactive?
  2. The data dictionary provides a PA_CATALOG table that stores the ACTIVE column which is if the Library is active or not
  3. As there is no PH_CATALOG table, if an admin corrects the Library to be active once again, the previous data is overwritten by the admin
  4. If the audit information is required, the Library cannot be modified until the custom report is ran
    • As the PA_CATALOG table only stores the last action taken on the Library as a whole, in case some other admin performs an action such as updating the Library description, it will show that admin as being the Last Update User and Last Update Timestamp. This means that even though Admin1 shows as being the person to last modify the Library, the action to make it inactive might have been twenty actions before by Admin2.

Note: Historical tables cannot be enabled per request, if there is no current historical table mentioned in the data dictionary an enhancement to the system has to be done. Please see 2090228 for the enhancement request process.


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