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2502799 - How to import advances data for employees


How to import advances data onto employee central from scratch?


Employee Central - Advances

Reproducing the Issue

We were using advances concept already but did not utilize EC advances for earlier transactions.

We have implemented EC advances now. How to update/upload all previous advances data onto present EC advances?


  • It is higly recommended that advances data are created from the UI and not by imports.
  • Advance feature uses many related files and data to collaborate and work as a whole. These collaboration happens with no issues when data is generated from the UI.
  • On imports, we need to be extra careful, especially as all external codes and unique IDs for the objects need to be provided by us and system will not create it on import.

Recommended steps for upload:

Case 1: Advance with Auto Recovery = NO

Use the zip file "Auto" provided in the attachments for importing the advance which will not have installments and no recurring deductions.

Case 2: Advance with Auto Recovery = YES

Use the zip file "Auto" provided in the attachments for importing the advance which will have installments and recurring deductions.

PS: The file in this KBA is modified and import sequence.csv is also modified as per our needs.

Addtional instructions: .

  • Create Eligibility of Advances object from the UI. Goto Admin centre > manage data > create  > eligibility of advances. Here Auto Recovery should be NO for case 1, YES for case 2.
  • No need to import accumulation of advances and advance installments as it gets created automatically on import of provided sequence.
  • All external codes for objects need to be provided by us and it should follow the pattern and cannot be random. Example: 106014_Base Salary India (BASE_IN)_07122017_1  - it is Employee ID _ PayComponent ID _ request date _ advance number .  If employee is requesting first time for this specific advance on the mentioned request date, then the number will be 1.
  • All the fields in the import files should be calculated ourself and fed in import files. System will not calculate them. It will only create installment and accumulation objects.
  • advance.recoveryStatus should be NOTSTARTED for case 2. It will change to PLANNED, once recurring deductions are created by the system.
  • Before creating your import files, please create the advance data for a single user from the UI, export all relevant objects from import and export data. understand and learn the ID patterns from exported objects and use similar patterns to fill in data for all employees.

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