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2503425 - Updating Goals with the Beta Goal Import Feature


This KB article explains how to properly use Beta Goal Import to update existing goals in SuccessFactors Goal Management


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Create Goal Through UI, Update Goal Through Import

This is supported by updating the goal using the goal's internal ID:

  1. Find the goal's internal ID (Goal Search classic report, Ad Hoc Goal Management Report or Goal ID if displayed directly in goal plan).
  2. Download the import template CSV header
  3. Enter a row to update the goal putting the internal goal ID in the ID column. 
  4. Upload the import file.

Create Goal Through Import, Update Goal Through Import

  • There are two options in this scenario.
  • Either update the goal by internal goal ID, as in the previous scenario, or update the goal by GUID.

Create Goal Through UI, and Sub-Goal Through Import

  • To add sub-goal tables (Tasks, Targets, Milestones, Metric Lookup) you will need to know the goal's internal ID.
  • When defining the sub-goal rows, reference the internal goal ID of the goal.
  • The sub-goal rows should also be added.

Create Sub-Goal Table Through Import, Update Sub-Goal Table Through Import

  • The update CSV file will be exactly the same as the create CSV file except the ACTION will be set to UPDATE.
  • Subgoal table rows are currently only updated using their SUBGUID.

Create Sub-Goal Table Through UI, Update Sub-Goal Table Through Import

  • Currently not supported.

Creating Goals that Use Numeric and Text Achievements in the Metric Lookup Table

  • This scenario has a goal plan configured to support both numeric & text target achievement columns in the metric lookup table (achievement & achievement-text).
  • When this happens, the CSV template includes the additional column, "OBJECTIVE_NUMERIC_METRIC_LOOKUP_TABLE".
  • This column specifies for the goal which achievement should be used in the metric lookup table (numeric/achievement or text/achievement-text).
  • Supported values are Y/N, 1/0. A "Y" or "1" represents that the goal will use the achievement/numeric.

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