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2503810 - Account Summary in RUI Does not Display all the Content From the Business Object


When you create an Account Summary in for example Accounts via RUI, the PDF Output for Account Summary only displays the content from the current page of the list (business object) that you click Summary in.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. WoC Customers
  2. View Accounts
  3. Click Summary
  4. The PDF Account Summary only contains information from the current page. For example, if you have 4 Pages times 10 entries in the Business Object Account Team and you are currently viewing Page 1, the Summary will only contain the 10 entries of data from Page 1


The PDF Summary in Responsive UI was designed to show only the items that are displayed in the list of the current page you are on. Furthermore, there is a difference between the number of records in HTML5 and RUI as the page size calculation in RUI is different from the calculation that we use in HTML5. Since lists (Business Objects) like Account Team only have 10 visible rows in RUI and 30 rows in HTML5 as a default, the Summaries are different from another.


The Fiori Client UI is designed the way, that it only generates the displayed content. This is the current expected system behaviour.

To display more data in the Account Summary of RUI, you can increase the visible rows of a list to a maximum of 30 by using following steps:

  1. Go to Silverlight UI
  2. Go to the desired Facet with the List that only displays 10 entries
  3. Enter Adaptation Mode
  4. Click Edit Screen in the screen with the list
  5. The Adapt Configuration Screen appears
  6. Click on the List in Sections
  7. Go to the bottom and click Display settings
  8. Change the visible rows to a maximum of 30

 After this the list auto-expands to the desired visible rows of 30 and therefore, the Account Summary PDF will display 30 entries.


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