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This article explains how HRIS Sync works for corporateAddress in EC.


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Hard-Coded Sync FAQ

The corporateAddress element is defined in the Corporate Data Model xml. The synchronization of corporateAddress data to EP works as such. Currently there are 7 fields with hard-coded sync-mappings delivered with the corporateAddress element. email-type is used to define the type of email address being stored. The "email-address" field is used to capture the actual email address of that type -:

HRIS Element EC Fields EP Fields 















How does the corporateAddress sync work?

Coporate Address is derived from the Location object. The value defined in jobInfo.location field will determine the Corporate Address that is synchronized to EP for that user (as per the above table).

  • Only when the Location value changes, does the corporateAddress synchronize
  • If the corporateAddress on the Location changes, this will not cause HRIS Sync to synchronize the new corporateAddress to EP. (This type of change should be managed differently - i.e. create a new Location object with a new corporateAddress and retire the old Location)


What about Country Specific configurations for corporateAddress element?

The HRIS Sync will synchronize the fields as per above template (one to one mappings). Therefore it is recommended that if you wish to have consistency synchronizing data across all countries corporateAddress', you should use the 7 fields mentioned in the above table, for every country configuration. If you use a field not mapped in the above table (such as a custom-string field or address4, address5, etc) then the data will not be synchronized for that field

Country Specific corporateAddress field configuration can be found in the Country Specific Corporate Data Model xml.


How does the system know when to sync coporateAddress Vs homeAddress to fields in EP?

The system will always synchronize corporateAddress as per the Hard-Coded logic. The destination fields in EP can be overridden, meaning you can for example map homeAddress fields. In this scenario (corporateAddress vs homeAddress), the homeAddress mappings will always win.

  • At which stage in the HRIS Sync process does the  corporateAddress get synchronized?
    • It is sync'ed 3rd (after phoneInfo and emailInfo). Please refer to KBA 2505747 - HRIS Sync - HRIS Sync Job - Order in which Elements are Synchronized - for more information
    • homeAddress is synchronized during the "Generic Entity" part of the job (step 7), therefore homeAddress sync-mappings will always win (as it is synchronized later). Please refer to KBA 2505747 - HRIS Sync - HRIS Sync Job - Order in which Elements are Synchronized - for more information
  • For Home Address Sync - Please refer to KBA 2507221 - Employee Central - Home Address HRIS Sync - for further information


Custom Sync Mappings for corporateAddress (overriding the hard-coded mappings)

Please do not create custom sync-mappings for corporateAddress in the Succession Data Model.

More information can be found in the Employee Central Master implementation guide

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