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2508178 - How to Set Minimum and Maximum Rater Count per Rater Category - 360 Multi-rater


This article explains how to Set the Minimum and Maximum Rater Count per Rater Category in a 360 Review template.


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In the Meta Section of the 360 Form template you need to set the min/max rater count when defining the categories:

  <meta-cat hidden-threshold="-1" min-count="1" max-count="6" ><![CDATA[Peer/Partner]]></meta-cat>
  <meta-cat hidden-threshold="-1" min-count="1" max-count="6" ><![CDATA[Direct Report]]></meta-cat>

In this scenario, the user can't select more than 6 Peers or 6 Direct Reports because the "max-count" is equal to 6 and  they have to select at least 1 rater per category because the "min-count" was set to 1.


In the Participant/Rater List Section you can specify if you want the system to produce an error message where it won't let the user forward the form onto the next step:

Example of error message for minimum participants limit

rater-cat-min-err-msg><![CDATA[  ERROR: Number of participants selected for the Category "[[CATEGORY]]" is [[ACTUAL_COUNT]], which does not meet the minimum of  - [[EXPECTED_COUNT]]. Please add additional participants for this category before moving the document forward.]]></rater-cat-min-err-msg>

The above message will display an "error" if the user didn't add at least 1 Peers or Direct Reports as specified in the Meta section.


Example of error message for maximum participants limit

rater-cat-max-err-msg><![CDATA[  ERROR: Number of participants selected for the Category "[[CATEGORY]]" is [[ACTUAL_COUNT]], which exceeds the expected number of participants permitted - [[EXPECTED_COUNT]]. Please remove some of the participants until the expected number is met.]]></rater-cat-max-err-msg>

The above message will display an "error" if the number of Peers or Direct Reports exceeds 6 as specified in the Meta section.

Important notes:

  • This error message is configurable, so you can put in whatever text you want.  The [[ ]] items are populated by the system.
  • If you add participants above or below the limit you've set in the XML settings to have a Warning (<min-warning-msg> or <max-warning-msg>) once it reaches the 360 Validation stage, it won't be possible to send the 360 form to the next step (Signature Stage or Completed Stage). The reason for that is because once the 360 form reaches the Validation stage, the system validates the participant count settings configured in the XML, stopping the form to be sent to the next step if it's not following the configured participants limits. 
  • There is no rater count validation check when the form is sent back, the validation only works when the form is going forward. 

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