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2508836 - Access Restriction Rule 99


User XYZ (XYZ represents the user ID) does not have access to a document, e.g. Account or Opportunity based on sales area assignment, even though you've maintained Restriction Rule 99 with Access Context 1015.


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Restriction Rule 99 can only restrict access based on territory or employee assignment to the document in case. It will not consider sales area maintained in the document, only the sales area which the employee assigned as responsible belongs to or the territory.


You have a Sales Team ID ABC (ABC represents the Sales team ID) with Employees E1 and E2 (E1 and E2 represent the names of the Employees). If you now provide read/write access to an opportunity with Sales Team ID ABC in rule 99, you see all opportunities in which Employee E1 and/or  Employee E2 is present (in the opportunities ACL). The presence of the sales team ID ABC in the opportunity itself does NOT play any role here.


This is the expected behavior.


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