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2510344 - Frequently Asked Questions on HCM Reports and Data Sources


This document covers some basic and frequently asked questions regarding HCM Reports and Data Sources in SAP Business ByDesign

This document will keep being updated with new questions and topics according to system updates and new features added.


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1. Reports created upon HCM data sources are timing out/taking a long time to load.

This issue might be caused by several reasons, including incorrect data source modeling.

Based on the amount of data, also a selection to limit the data volume might be required.

Please check the Case Document 2444493.

Also check case documents 2393253 and 2366796.

2. Private contact data is not displayed in HCM reports.

This is a standard system behavior, as the HCM data sources store only their Workplace contact details.

Through the Personnel Administration work center it is possible to get a list of all Private Contact details. Check the Case Document 2038685.

3. You are unable to view Report: Headcount Data Source: HCMPAB01_Q9111 under Business Analytics workcenter.

Business Usecase: You need to select Reporting Line Unit and save those selections in order to use the different selections in different variations of the dashboard.You are not able to save those selections as a business administrator or in the Business Analytics workcenter.

How can you save those selections for the Dashboards?

This report is not appearing in Business Analytics as this MKFC is marked as - Is Technical Object.

You can create a similar Z report to achieve their desired functionality.

Refer : 2678720 - No Report Data Available in Corporate Performance Work Center

4. Your goal is to build a report for Holiday Accruals. You need certain indicators:
The monthly Target Hours
These values ​​are in the master data of an employee (Time File), but these are not included in any report.

The Personnel Admin Report Internal Employee Details and the Workagreement Data View shows the average hours for each employee from the personnel file.

To see the planned times based on the Work Schedule,you can try and use Data Source HCMTLMU01 and build a custom report on top of this data source, and filter on characteristic Employee Time Planning Category.  
This will provide the planned times for a specific period.  
Work Schedule planned times on the Time File are Long term Plan and Temporary Work Schedules are short term plans.

If neither of these options fulfil the requirements, then please enter your requirement into the Influence portal:

5. While viewing the report of Recorded Employee time you want to see the "In Approval" status in the list of life cycle status

This is an Enhancement request , submit in influence form -

6. Internal Employee details report is not working as expected as Access Restriction is not getting applied.

Standard Report:

In the standard report, we have noticed that all employees are visible despite access restrictions being in place. This anomaly occurs because the access restriction is set on a particular company code.
As this particular company code does not have any employees assigned to it.

As per the organizational structure, Org Unit serves as both the company and the RLU (Resource Labor Unit).

Since, there are no employees directly linked to this company code but there are sub org's under which there are employees, the access restriction fails to take effect for the standard report.

New Generated Report:

In the custom generated report no data is displayed.

This happens because the report was accessed by the user and the access context value for this report is 1007. This access context 1007 is associated with the company code.

Consequently, when attempting to fetch data with this access context, the report does not yield any results.

Having access context as asterisk (*) revealed that data was visible. However, to achieve the desired results, we applied a filter to check based on company code, which successfully displays the required and expected data.

The crux lies in the fact that company code is assigned to an access context 1007 that lacks employee data, leading to access restrictions which will not be functioning as intended.

7. The user cannot see the DATE in the Datasources, despite the DATE column appears to function correctly in the DataReport.

The below Data Sources are developed to provide the aggregated results based on the key figures NO_EMP_time , Recorded_quantity and Valuated_Quantity, hence, it outputs the single record.
HCMTLMU01 - Employee times
HCMTLMB07 - Employee Recorded Times
HCMTLMU03 - Employee Recorded Times for internal employee and service providers

This is the standard system behaviour. Our recommended is to use the Data Reports in order to fetch the individual time recording.


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