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2510734 - Frequently Asked Questions on Payroll Processing


This document gathers some of the common questions related to Payroll Processing, from configuration and utilization to issues that may occur.


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1.   What is the correct process flow in Payroll Processing?

First, a snapshot is created of the specific payroll group for which the payroll is being generated by clicking "Create Snapshot" — this automatically gathers all relevant information required for the provider to run the payroll. After you check the snapshot generated for errors, you may correct any information and regenerate the snapshot using the button "Update Snapshot". Next, you generate the data file for this snapshot by clicking the button "Create Data File" — the data file is generated in standard XML, but since it uses XSLT conversion templates, you may adapt the format and contents of the output file. Then, click "Download Data File" and select the output files you wish to download from the list. The next step is to transfer the data file to your payroll provider according to the agreements in place. The provider will execute the payroll run in his payroll system and make the results available for you to consolidate in your financial accounting. Afterwards, you need to close the appropriate payroll period in your system (and in your payroll provider system, depending on workflow agreements in place).

2.   You are receiving an error message "Payroll period cannot be completed; Next Payroll Period does not Exist" when attempting to change or close your current payroll period.

This happens because there's no continuous payroll period configured to start immediately after the date on which you are closing the current period. Please maintain payroll periods in continuation so that the system can identify the next period (see 2140524).

3.   A certain employee is missing from the payroll snapshot you are generating, even though he or she has positive time entries for the relevant payroll period.

Please ensure that the employee in question has compensation components assigned to him/her:

a. Go to the work center Compensation -> Employees.
b. Search for the relevant employee, select him and click Edit.
c. Navigate to the tab Compensation Structure Assignment.
d. Here, you can add a compensation component to the employee.

In case this was already maintained or the issue persists after it's done, it may be the case that there is a problem in the communication from Time Administration to Payroll Processing which is causing the recorded time to not show in the payroll snapshot. In that case, please report an case so the issue can be checked by support.

4.   Where do you find the reports related to Employee Payroll?

You may review Analytical Reports within Personnel Administration, Reports in Time Administration and Reports in Compensation for extract purposes.

As of the 1908 release a report is available for listing employee master data. The report is called Internal Employee Details and is available under the Personnel Administration work center. It has multiple views with logical groups of data:
- View Payment Info covers employees bank details 
- View Private Contact Data holds employees Private address
- Workplace Contact Data provides workplaces address
 Reports are available for listing employee salaries and compensation components in the Compensation work center.



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