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2511426 - Error Message: “Insertion of data failed; data with key XXXXX already exists for node ROOT” While Migrating Suppliers


Your requirement is to upload the Payment Method for Suppliers. Upon trying to upload the Payment Method for Suppliers using Migration of Suppliers, system throws the error:

Insertion of data failed; data with key XXXXX already exists for node ROOT


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center
  2. Select Implementation Projects view or Overview
  3. Search and Open the activity Migration of Suppliers
  4. Select Migrate suppliers using the migration tool
  5. Upload the Migration File
  6. Execute Migration for the respective Migration File with Migration Mode Enhance already new records


It is not possible to add Payment Method using the Migration Mode Enhance already existing records in Migration of Suppliers.


We can use the Webservice approach where we can use the Microsoft Excel to add Payment Method to the existing Suppliers.

The attached excel template is made to create specific Supplier data – Payment Method.

The precondition is that there must be Payment Data with Company maintained for Suppliers. This excel helps to add only Payment Method to existing Payment data with Company, for which no Payment Method exists. It must not be used as Update for changing existing Payment Method.

See also Terms and Conditions Tab on the provided Microsoft Excel Template. Do not change anything on the Config Tab. You may create your own Microsoft Excel template for performing mass change for further data according the description in the link above. This Microsoft Excel template is a specific solution only for Supplier Data Payment Method.


1. Set up Communication Arrangement


In Application and User Management workcenter the Communication System, Communication Scenario and Communication Arrangement must be created for using the Microsoft Excel template via Webservice.


i) Create communication system

ii) Create the new Communication Scenario

iii) Create and maintain Communication Arrangement

iv) Under View All under Technical Data, you can maintain the User and Password for Webservice User, which is required for the Communication using Microsoft Excel.

Do not forget set the Authentification to User and Password and maintain the Password. The user name is automatically generated.


2. Setting up Microsoft Excel template


i) Operating System is MS Windows8 and higher.

ii) Microsoft Office 2013 or newer.

iii) User has configured Communication System, Communication Scenario and Communication Arrangement correctly.

iv) There is a Webservice User configured, which is required to logon using excel.

v) When the provided Microsoft Excel template is opened ensure that editing is enabled and Macro can be performed

vi) There is a Business ByDesign specific area visible on right corner of the Ribbon.



i) Select Query in the right corner of the Ribbon.

ii) Maintain the System URL and User data.

Here you enter the User and Password you maintained in Communication Arrangement setting.


3. Limit Data by Setting Filter

i) In order to perform Query for selected Suppliers, enter query data on Query Tab.

ii) Go back to _DATA_MASTER Tab and select Query on Ribbon again. Webservice call for Query to Business ByDesign system will be performed and specified Supplier data are pulled. This will take a while depends on number of the found entries.


4. Set Filter for Mass Change

i) Set filter Blanks for Payment Method.

ii) Set further filter for Company ID

iii) Select all filtered entries and Copy

iv) Create new temporary Tab or new Microsoft Excel sheet and paste copied data with Paste special->As Values

v) Set the Query parameter so that no entries will be found in the sytem, in order to remove all entries on the _DATA_MASTER tab.

vi) Reset filter before performing Query.

v) Now the table is empty.

vi) Paste the filtered data back from the temporary excel sheet.

vi) Replace & in the Supplier Name using Find and Replace function. There are & character used for several Supplier used. This will lead to error for the Webservice call, so this character must be replaced by &


5. Prepare data for Mass Change

i) Enter the data for Payment Method.

ii) All lines in the first column Modified must have the value Modified when these lines should be taken for the Mass Change.

iii) For the verification, select Simulate on the Business ByDesign Ribbon area.

iv) When everything went fine a Success message is shown and the value in the Modified column is changed to OK.


6. Mass Change

i) Select Update on Business ByDesign Ribbon are to make Mass Change.

ii) In case of some errors the Modified column will be change to value Error. There are also error message created as note for the cell.


7. Check Data

i) Perform Query and set Filter as beginning and check whether Payment Methods are added.

ii) Check in the system directly.


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