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2511531 - Can't Change or Update an Existing Filter Query


You cannot change or update a filter query in the advanced OVS filter.

Reproducing the Issue

To Reproduce this issue, we will use Opportunities View as an example.

  1. Go to Sales work centre.
  2. Go to Opportunities view.
  3. Expand the Advanced Search Filter.
  4. Create a query of your choice (XYZ represents Query) and the screen should refresh. 
  5. Expand the Advanced fitler pane again and choose XYZ again.
  6. The filter parameters that you maintained will populate.
  7. Add in another Parameter and save.


Save does not overwrite the current queries parameters.


This is currently system behaviour and would be a new requirement to the system. 

The system does not expect a user to try to edit an existing Custom query. Instead, the save query button is launching a method to store a new query.

The system expects that if a user requires a different parameterize query, they will delete the existing query and re-create the new one.



When filtering for your desired results, you can select the query you would like to use.

This populates the fields in the Advanced Search Filter pane.

You can expand the Advanced Search pane and add or remove attributes for your query.

This gives you the flexibility to create one query and fine tune for all scenarios.

Alternatively, you could create a query for every scenario you wanted if needs be.

See Also

This topic has been spoken about on a couple of occasions.

An idea has also been created on the SAP Ideas Forum for this functionality.

Our developers have taken note of this and have included into the backlog to be added to the system!

There is no timeline apparent yet for this feature but it will follow in subsequent releases.


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