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2512171 - Job Size Limitation - Recruiting Marketing


In RMK, a job published externally in RCM does not appear on the RMK site. (see KBA 2302876 - Top Reasons why a job is not appearing on jobs page - Recruiting Marketing)


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The job size is too large.


Job size is limited to 100000 bytes per job in RMK. Beyond this size, the jobs will be blocked and most likely block the import process causing the outlined behaviors.

  • How to know if a job is too large? 

Customers currently cannot see the size of their jobs in the UI in RCM and do not get a clear warning that there will be a problem with them getting imported into RMK.
An enhancement request has been submitted and accepted by our Product Management Team to change this behavior which you can view here

  • How to prevent issues related to job size?

To ensure jobs are not over the limit, the requisition must be cleaned up. Embedded graphics must be removed from the job description.
The other primary culprit is editing the requisition in Word and pasting the content into RCM without following the process for cleaning up the word content which may contain unsupported formatting.
The best way is to use notepad to create the description and paste the content into the editor.
Basically, images, tables, or formatting from Word are not supported and should not be added to the descriptions in RCM. If these guidelines are followed, it is unlikely that the job size will be too large.

Note that the fact that job sizes are limited in RMK is not something that is likely to be changed and that is because broadcasting jobs on the web is very different to publishing them locally or internally.
“Today’s world” is very much about mobility and accessibility and large amounts of data simply would not work when broadcasting jobs online which need to be accessed in browsers.

Also note that some major enhancements with how job postings are passed from RCM to RMK are planned. Under this project we will be looking at a number of ways to improve the functionality and scalability of the job publishing features.

  • As of now, is it possible to increase the job size limit?

Currently, it's not possible to change the job size limit. The size will be limited to the standard value, which is 100000 bytes.

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