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2514042 - SuccessFactors Learning Assessment Builder FAQ


This KB article provides information regarding the SuccessFactors Learning Assessment Builder tool and legacy PQE.

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  • Latest announcements on retirement of PQE and feature parity with assessment builder tool can be found HERE
  • Latest Help documentation link available in the References section below.

Requested features not currently available:

Q: Is video supported for the new assessment tool? A: Video is not currently supported

Q: Is there any online proctoring functionality? A: Not yet.

Q: Is question branching supported? Ie, when you answer a question, another one appears. A: No. Question branching is not supported at this time.

Q: By the way, will Exams be supported on mobile later in the year? A: Mobile support won't be there before 2018.

Q: Is there an option to retest user only on Failed Ojective Questions?  A: Not Yet


Q: What is PQE? A: Plateau Question Editor - the legacy question editing tool available in the LMS.

Q: Nothing is titled PQE in the LMS? A: It’s the name of our legacy question and exam process tool. You can access it from Content > Questions.

Q: Will the new question editor work with all the browsers (ie, chrome, safari,...)? A: Yes. With all supported browsers.

Q: Moving from the old platform to the new platform will employees still be able to access legacy exams? A: Yes. Both will continue to be available for a period of time.

Q: We only use quizzes, not exams. Can we control that admins can only create quizzes? Can we determine if an admin has access to build quizzes OR exams? (Through workflows). A: Yes. A separate set of workflows control quizzes and exams.

Q: Where can i see the list of the new workflows? A: here's the list View Exam, Search Exam, Add Exam, Edit Exam, Delete Exam, Copy Exam, Add Library Question to Exam, Assign Library Question to Exam, Manage Exam Availability

Q: When searching for exams and Quizzes from the assessment tab, will there be a filter for Quiz/Exam/Both? A: Yes, there is a filter for quiz/Exam/Both.

Q: Can both the quiz and Exams can be used for pre and posttest now? A: Only exams can be used in pre and post because only exams support objectives. Learning evaluation requires objective-based scores.

Q: Will it be possible to turn off the passing percentage per objective and specify just one global passing percentage for the exam? A: No. You need passing percentage to use adaptive learning and remediation. If you choose to use that setting. It's also used in the evaluation report to compare pre-and post-tests

Q: Is it necessary to associate objectives in the assessments? A: No. You can add standalone questions.

Q: Will Preview feature simulate scoring too? A: Yes. Exam Preview also simulates scoring.

Q: Exams can only be reviewed before exiting the exam? A: Yes. After exam is submitted, user can review their responses. However, once the user quits the exam or quiz, then the review is not available.

Q: Is there a character limitation in the description field? A: Yes. The database field can store a max of 4000 bytes; for English the max limit is about 1333 characters.

Q: Is there a character limitation in the Question/Quiz/Exam ID? A: Yes. Question ID is limited at 30 chars, quiz and exam ID are limited at 30 chars. Quiz and Exam Name are llimited to 100 chars.

Q: I have a customer who does not want the score to record in the LMS, just that it passed. A: They can set passing grade to zero.

Q: What is the end-user interface going to look like? A: The end user interface for the questions screens is the same for quizzes. Only changes to the end user interface for the Results page were made.

Q: Can we remove the Add Exam Object option at item Level in the Online Content section? A: With PQE becoming legacy, Engineering will be removing this option in the future release's but for now the Online Content Options are not customizable.


Q: Can the results page be turned off for the end user in a proctor situation? A: Proctoring is not supported as yet.
Regardless of whether proctoring is turned on, you can control whether the Results Summary (overall percentage and # questions correct) or Results Details (Question and Objective-level details) should be displayed on the Results page.

Q: If we are using proctoring now, will we be able to continue to use it until the new proctoring is released? A: Yes


Q: In order to share questions, they must be created in the question library? A: Yes. Questions created in the Question Library are available to be added to exams.
Also, new questions created from within an exam, automatically get added to the Question Library and become available to other exams.

Q: Can quizzes now share a question pool? A: No. Questions in quizzes are only available in the quiz in which they were created.

Q: Are there a min/max # of questions per objectives as in the previous interface? A: No. There is no min/max - only a specific number of questions to include.

Q: Can a question be part of multiple objectives? A: No. A question can only be part of a single objective.

Q: Is it mandatory to assign questions to an objective to assign them to a new exam? A: No. Questions can also be added to an exam directly.

Q: What does "Ordering" - an option under New Question mean? How does that function? A: That is the Ordering question type. A user is required to place tiles in the correct sequence.

Q: Why include a question variant that will never be included? A: An objective can be included in multiple exams. A question may not be relevant or may be required in different exams. This can be adjusted with the Inclusion Rule feature.

Q: What happens if you have 4 questions to include in a pool but have 5 questions set as ALWAYS? How does the system determine what 4 get chosen in that scenario? A: The system applies all necessary validations when exams are being edited to ensure that the exam is in a valid state.

Q: Can answer choices be displayed randomly? A: Yes


Q: Is there a maximum or recommended size for images attachments? A: In terms of file size, the IMAGE_ATTACHMENT configuration applies. Adding images was covered in detail in 1705 IRR when it was released for Question Library.

Q: Where are the images hosted? A: In the LMS.

Q: Can I add images to answers or does this field only accept text? A: Images can be added to question text and answer choices. For answer choices either text or an image must be added.

Q: Images are hosted/saved in the LMS. Is there a limit to the amount of storage in the LMS for images? A: No

Q: To import images they can be uploaded from desktop or have to be in URL? A: The image file must be specified. You cannot specify image URLs.


Q: Can quizzes be migrated to Assessments? A: There is a path for that -
1) export Quiz using Export Data tool for Quiz
2) Edit the exported file to convert to format expected by Question Library
3) Import edited file to Question Library.

Q: Is a template going to be available to load multiple questions? A: The Import Data tool for Questions allows you to load questions in bulk.

Q: Will Exam objects be migrated/converted to Assessments? A: With this release we are providing support to migrate PQE questions to Question Library. There is no tool to migrate exams.

Q: Questions only need to be exported for exams. Quizzes do not need to be migrated.Correct? A: Correct.

Q: Creating new Exam for existing exam will be manual once questions are imported? A: Yes

Q: Do items need to revised and assigned again for the new questions to become available? A: That's recommended, not required.

Q: For large clients with many legacy exams is there a script that could be run working with PS to convert? A: No there isn't. The process is to export the questions using a new export data tool and then to import it using the import data tool.

Q: Can we upload question in the question library from external question editor? A: As long as the external questions can be exported into the format required by import data tool for Question Library.

Q: How do you convert the exported quiz file to the correct format for import into the question library? A: The formats are very similar and requires removing the quiz id from the export file and other minor edits.

Q: There is going to be a lot of work for customers for the Exam migration then. A: We'll have to see what can be done. Migrating exams is quite complex to automate

Q: What does the export file contains?  A: A zip that contains a single excel file and a folder "images" that includes image attachments. 
We've added an option "Question (legacy)" to export PQE questions that need to be migrated and exports them in the standard format expected by the Import Data tool for Question Library.



New reports were introduced to capture assessments data:

  • Exam Item Analysis: Displays statistics related to answer choices selected by exam users, for all exam iterations grouped by locale. This is a CSV report.
  • User Exam Data: Returns the details of users' performance on exams that includes the users’ responses and the corresponding evaluation (correct/incorrect).


This means there are 2 Exam Item Analysis and User Exam Data reports but they are in different groups. The new reports are under the "Assessments" group as shown below:


  • Existing reports updated: Learning Evaluation

Q: Objective level reporting available? A: Yes. The new reports include objective level scores as well.

Q: are these reports only for completed exams? A: Exam Item Details only included finished exams, whereas User Exam Data allows choosing the status.

Q: Will the filters of these new reports also be made available in ORD? A: Not in this release

Q: Will the reporting pull back results for Legacy Assessments and the new Exam results? A: New reports have been created for the new Exams tool. The existing Learning Evaluation report will pull back results from legacy exams and the new exams entity.

Q: If we begin migrating our simple exams, can we use the same report to pull data on legacy PQE exams and new exams, or will I have to first know which have been migrated to know which reports to use? A: since we have new data structures for assessments, you have to use new reports.

Q: If we have custom reports related to EXAM, will we have to rework them? A: Yes.

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