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2515964 - Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Employee Self-Services and Manager Self-Services


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Employee Self-Services and Manager Self-Services.

*X and Y represents the days
*PQR and XYZ represents the Employees
*XXXXX represents the Organizational Unit


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1.   User is not able to see the Time related options in Self-Services Overview in Home Workcenter

The relevant scoping questions are not scoped in Business Configuration workcenter.

2.   User is not able to see the link New Leave Request in Self-Services Overview in Home Workcenter

User is a Service Agent (external Employee) or the system has not been scoped to include the possibility of Employees to create leave request in the Employee Self-Services.


Scoping Question missing in Implementation Project.

Follow below steps to scope relevant question:

  1. Business Configuration
  2. Current Implementation Project
  3. Edit Project
  4. Navigate to Questions
  5. Select element Human Resource - Time and Labor Management - Time Recording
  6. Select Question : Do you want your employees to submit leave requests using employee self-service?

3.   You are not able to maintain the Employee contact data in Self-Services.

If you have not scoped the Personal Administration as a scoping element, you will not be able to use the Employee Self-Services.

4.   When you request leave for 'Y' days through Employee Self-Services, only 'X' days are shown as deducted. The number of days deducted seems less than the    applied leaves.

There might be some days which are Public Holidays during leave period as per the Holiday Calendar. Hence the system will not consider the holidays and count only working days.

5. You, as a line manager, find that some Time Recording approval Tasks do not appear in the Approvals view of the Managing My Area work center.

For Time Types of category Vacation, Leave, Illness and Special Attendance, the approval options are maintained as follows:

a. Go to the Business Configuration work center
b. Select the Implementation Projects view
c. Go to the Fine-tune tab
d. Search and Open the fine-tune activity Time Types – <Country name>
e. Select Maintain Approval Options link

The approval Tasks for the Vacation, Leave, Illness and Special Attendance Time Types can be found in Manager's Approvals view in Managing My Area workcenter.
The approval Task for time recordings on Project Task cannot be seen in Managing My Area workcenter. The Project Manager must go to Project Management work center, Approvals view and Time Recordings sub-view to approve them.

For Time Types of category Productive Times and others, the approval option is configured centrally by a scoping question:

a. Go to the Business Configuration work center
b. Select the Implementation Projects view
c. Select the Edit Project Scope button of the respective Project
d. Go to Questions step
e. Expand Human Resources
f. Time and Labor Management
g. Select Approvals and scope the question Would you like your managers to be able to approve or reject their employees' time sheets for the <Country> in the system?

The approval Tasks for Time Recordings on Time Types of Time Type Category Productive Time, but not on Project Task can be seen by the Confirm Time Recordings link under Common Tasks in Managing My Area

6.   Why can't the substitutes of Managers see all data in My Team and Team Calendar within Work Center Managing My Area?

An Administrator can enter a substitution for an Employee, so that the substitute can access the same data as the Manager (see work center Application and User Management ->  work center view Substitutions).

If the substituted Employee is a Manager with access to the work center Managing My Area and work center view My Team, the Substitute will not be able to access the following data:
The view My Team does not show the employees of the substituted Manager
The Common Task Team Calendar does not show the Employees of the substituted Manager

7.   Why can't the user see any Employee or the absence of the Employees in Managing My Area, although the user has full access to the Managing My Area workcenter

The My Team view in Managing My Area is specific to the Manager. So the Manager can see the list of Employees assigned to his/her own Org Unit or Cost Center.

If you are not assigned to any Org Unit as a Manager, you cannot see any Employees in the My Team view or Team Calender.
Check in the Organizational Management work center, whether you have been assigned to an Org Unit as the Manager and also confirm that the Org Unit has at least one Employee assigned.

8.   You, as a line Manager, observe that the Employee information in the Managing My Area displays only partial information which seems to be minimal.

The system works as designed. If you access an Employee through the Managing My Area work center, whatever information displayed is relevant to the essential information required by a Manager, because only Managers have access to the Managing My Area work center.
If you want more Personnel information about the Employee, you can open Employee's Personnel file in the Personnel Administration workcenter.

9.   You as a Manager (Internal Employee or Service Agent), cannot find any of your reporting Employees in Managing My Area work center.

The system works as designed. If your assignment as Manager is ended for that Org Unit, then the Employees will not be displayed under your team.

This can be verified in Organizational Management work center by providing the exact Effective From date.

10. The Organizational Unit Manager is not able to view all the Employees of Org Unit in the Team Calendar in Managing My Area workcenter.

The system works as designed. The Organizational Unit Manager will be Service Agent (external Employee). Hence he/she is not able to view the Employees of Org Unit in the Team Calendar.

11. A Manager assigned a Employee/Manager as a Substitute but in Call Employee Services on behalf feature, Employee those who belongs to Manager is not visible to the Substitute.

At present, a Substitute can find the Tasks of the Manager and can do required actions on that but the Employees belongs to that Manager will not be visible to the Substitute

12. Employee Who is a Substitute is not able to see the Details of the substituted Employee in Team Calendar

Example: In the workcenter Application and User Management, view Substitutions, Employee PQR has Substituted Employee XYZ. But when Employee PQR launches the Team Calendar via workcenter Managing My Area, he/she can find Employee XYZ's mentees under the Organizational Unit XXXXX, but cannot see Employee XYZ itself.

Substitution of Employee does not give authorization to the Substitute to see the details of the Employee, whom he had Substituted.

The system works as designed. Here Employee PQR has Substituted Employee XYZ, which means Employee PQR can Work On Behalf Of Employee XYZ only for those Employees who report to Employee XYZ. But Employee PQR does not have authorization to see the details of Employee XYZ.

13. You as a Manager, are not able to view the Employee XYZ in your Team Calendar

The relevant Time Model has not been assigned to the Employee XYZ. The Time Administrator needs to assign the Time Model to the Employee XYZ.

14. You are not able to maintain a substitution for an employee as the employee is not visible for selection in the search help.

      While creating substitutions, only employees who have at least one business role assigned, will be listed.

15. A Time Type of Vacation is approved automatically by the system, even though when an Approval is required.

The vacation was approved because a manager was not assigned at the time of the requested vacation. Transfers of employees in personnel file led to the fact that their assignments as manager were removed, and the actual changes was not visible in detail in org. management.

16. Is it possible for Service Agents to access the Holiday Calendar ?

No, because Service Agent is an External Employee

17. Some old Employee Times appeard back in Manager's Approval List in the list of times To Be Approved. How to hide them?

       In case you want to remove unwanted old Approvals from your list of tasks, please use Advanced Filter Option to add Date and save the query  from current year.

  1. Select Manage My Area woorkcenter
  2. Select Approvals view
  3. Under Open Tasks
  4. Use Advanced Filter
  5. Select Date : Filter - Greater than Current Year
  6. Press Go
  7. Save Query


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