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2516735 - System Crashes When Clearing Migrated Open Items


You want to clear some previously migrated Open items but the system crashes during the attempt.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Payables work center.
  2. Click on the Supplier Accounts under Suppliers View.
  3. Show Suppliers with Account Movement and Find Supplier XXX (XXX represents the Supplier Account).
  4. Highlight the line of Account ID XXX and click View. 
  5. Highlight that migrated item that you wish to clear.
  6. Select Clear Manually.
  7. Select all the relevant items and click on Clear.

Result: The system dumps.


The most likely cause of Business By Design crashing when attempting the clearing of previously migrated Open items is due to an incorrect migration.
If you check the migration object for Open Items Payable, you may see that the transaction Currency input is different than the Second Company Currency.
The discrepancy between the two amounts can cause a crash of the system during clearing.


  1. As the items were incorrectly migrated, you have to reverse the journal entries associated to the incorrectly migrated items.
    Please note: that if you cannot reverse due to financial period being closed, you have to first reverse and repost from the Business Transaction, to a current opened fiscal year and then you will be able to reverse.
  2. You may then start a new migration via the migration tool. This time, when undertaking the migration of Open items, make sure that the Transaction Currency matches the value for Second Company Currency.

See Also

You may also consult a related Knowledge Base Article: 2107052 - Mass Reversal of Incorrect Migrated Financial Data.


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