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2517118 - New Instance Creation & Instance Re-activation Process | Credentials Notification to customers - HCM Suite


  • How to request a new/additional instance?
  • Who provide the credentials to access a new instance?


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How to request a new instance?

  1. Customers do not have a previous instance. When they purchase their 1st instance, what is the process? Who creates the instance? Where do the credentials get sent to?

        ANS: The SuccessFactors provisioning team create new tenants for the customer once the order is accepted and fulfillment items are triggered to them through the system. The credentials are sent to the contact IT person maintained in the order. It is automated and not sent manually.

  1. Customers do have a previous instance. When they purchase their additional instance (Test or Development), what is the process? Where do the credentials get sent to?

        ANS.: Customers need to check with CSM, CEE or Sales Representative if theirs Contract with SAP contemplates more than one instance. If theirs Contract contemplates, the customer can open an incident with Support requesting an additional instance. In order, Support will be engaging Provisioning Team to proceed with the process and to create a new instance.

        The additional instance credentials will be sent to customer email address.

NOTE for Support Engineer: If the customer has a Purchase Order, you need to create an NCC Jira to request a new/additional instance.

     3. Customers want to re-activate a decommissioned instance, what is the process?

       ANS.: Customers need open an incident with Support requesting to reactivate the decommissioned instance. Customer needs to attach the contract in the ticket for verification. After Support team will engage the Provisioning Team to proceed on reactivating the said instance.

Who provide the credentials to access a new instance? 

  1. Should customer open an incident to request new credentials to access a new instance?

        ANS.: No. Customer Support do not provide new instance credentials. When the instance was first created, the customer should have got an email with credentials from the team responsible for creating the instance.

  1. Who will receive the credentials?

        ANS.: Customer should be informed to please contact their Sales Representative for clarification on this. They would have more information regarding who created the instance and who should have received the email containing the credentials.

Possible reasons as to why a customer may is unaware of their new instance credentials and are now lodging a ticket with Customer Support:

  1. Incorrect spelling of IT contact maintained in the system, hence credentials not delivered
  2. No IT contact updated
  3. Incorrect domain of IT contact eg : Gmail, Yahoo
  4. Failed to check SPAM settings as sometimes the handover emails could be found in SPAM
  5. The tickets could be lodged by different parties to check if the customer has received or not which can be treated as a status ticket
  6. There is also a possibility that the customer decides to implement a particular product post 4 months from that start date of the contract and misses the emails and logs a ticket to have it resent (initially sent passwords would be expired when CS come into the picture for further assistance)

For Support, please see Internal Memo on how to retrigger the handover emails and credentials. Or see KBA 2768771 - How to Request the SuccessFactors IT Contact person to be changed


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