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2519185 - Troubleshooting performance issues in the LMS


This articles aims to help you collect as much information as possible when reporting performance issues.

We need to try to narrow down the population impacted and the areas of the application where the performance is poor.

In order for support to assist with performance issue, the customer should provide detailed analysis of the issue reported.


  • SAP HCM suite
  • Learning Management System (LMS)


Please answer the following questions when submitting an case with support:

  1. Who is facing the issue? admins/users/instructors
  2. The performance can be observed performing what actions? Replications steps
  3. Does the same happens both in stage/prod?
  4. Does the same issue happens when logged in through Bizx or natively (LMS direct access used by some admins or external users -Sites)?
  5. Where are the impacted users/admins located? teleworking, same office, same, floor, same country?
  6. When did the issue start? can they specify when the performance was acceptable to them and when they noticed a change?
  7. Is the performance issue the same in different browsers?
  8. Is the performance issue the same regardless of the network used? Lan, Wifi, corporate, guest, home?
  9. If you use a proxy, is the latency experienced when the proxy is bypassed?
  10. If you use SSO to login is the performance issue observed outside of SSO network?
  11. Please verify the disk space on the impacted users/admins' machines.
  12. Do the impacted users/admins receive any error messages or failure to complete actions due to the performance? if so please provide full error messages in txt and FULL DESKTOP screenshots (not cropped)
  13. If the issue occurs while logged in via Bizx please collect a timestamp (link to the article in the references section)
  14. Please ensure to clear browser cache and cookies (temporary files and cookies, browsing history and passwords do not matter)
  15. Please collect network traces when replicating the performance issue, in case we cannot replicate from our end.


See Also

Please note that the priority of the case will vary depending on the number of users impacted and the consequences this issue has on their daily tasks.

For example:

  • Users cannot complete a training => please specify the number of impacted users and the criticality of this training for them to be able to continue with their daily tasks
  • Admins are not able to complete assignments or create records => when is the deadline and what is the impact if the deadline is passed?


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