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2519384 - How to Display German Tax Documents With Old 16% Tax Percentage in a VAT Return With New 19% VAT Tax Percentage


This is a scenario only valid for Germany. You try to post old VAT documents from Germany with a Tax Rate of 16% in the VAT Return but these documents get mixed up with the documents from the new Tax Rate of 19%. You expect that in the VAT Return the old documents with 16% Tax Percentage are separate from those ones with 19% Tax Percentage but at the moment they are not. Therefore the VAT return is displayed incorrectly.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Tax Management Work Center.
  2. Go to the Tax Returns view.
  3. Switch to the VAT Returns sub view.
  4. Highlight the Tax Return ID XXX.
  5. Press View.
  6. Switch to the Tax Return Tab.

You can see two Form Box Description fields with Stpfl. Umsätze, 19% (this is not translated it means taxable turnover 19%).

This results in wrong values of the VAT Return since there are two fields with the same Form Box Description Fields.


One of the two Form Box Description fields should have Stpfl. Umsätze 16% (Taxable Turnover 16%) to represent the old VAT Tax Rate but this is not the case here. Therefore the VAT Return is calculated incorrectly.


  1. Go to the Business Configuration Work Center.
  2. Go to the Overview view.
  3. Find Tax on Goods and Services.
  4. Click on Tax on Goods and Services.
  5. Press Define Tax Rate Schedules.
  6. Filter after country DE-Germany.
  7. Change Tax Rate of Tax Type 1-Value Added Tax Standard from Valid From Date 01.01.2007 from 19% to 16% (important: exactly that one, not the one where the Tax Rate is already on 16%).
  8. Click Save.

Now you have the prerequisites met to post successfully VAT Returns including old documents with 16% VAT Tax Rate.

  1. Go to Tax Management Work Center.
  2. Navigate to Manual Tax Entries - VAT Entries.
  3. Click New - Tax Entry.
  4. Maintain the GL accounts of your choice and choose Tax Code 501. The Tax Rate appears as 16%.
  5. Post the document.
  6. This posting becomes visible automatically in field 35 of the VAT Return separate from the newer VAT 19% postings as desired.

Now change the Tax Rate in Business Configuration Work Center back to 19%.


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