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2519968 - Missing EmployeeInternalID in Data Workbench Employee Organizational Assignment


You want to migrate Employee Organizational Assignment by using Data Workbench but EmployeeInternalID is missing from the template.

Business Requirement: You do not have an EmployeExternalKey and without the EmployeeInternalID in the template an import is not possible.


The EmployeeID is currently only enabled Read-Only at all Sub-Entities of the underlying ODATA-Service for Employee and User, therefore this Use Case cannot be handled via Import mode.


Use Update mode for the requirement and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to People workcenter and check in Employee view for All employee.
  2. Identify the Employees that should get additional OrgUnitAssignments, EmployeeID XXX (where XXX represents Employee ID).
  3. Go to Data Workbench workcenter and select Export view.
    a. Search for Employee and  Employee Organizational Unit Assignment, filter for required EmployeeIDs.
    b. In case Employee does not yet have an existing OrgUnitAssignment , export Employee (Root) records in addition.
  4. Complete the selected data export via Export Data and find results (CSV-file) in Monitor screen.
  5. Exported file for OrgUnitAssignments 3.a. can be locally updated and used to Create OrgUnitAssignments via Update mode.
    a. Go to Update view in Data Workbench.
    b. Prepare CSV-File for Update based on Export File.
    Delete not required columns EmployeeID/RoleCodeText etc. including content.
    Delete content of field ObjectID but leave column existing, this leads to implicit Create instead of Update.
    Keep parent information in HeaderObjectID and ParentObjectID or add it manually from exported Root-File 3.b. in case of first OrgUnitAssignment (both fields contain the same Employee)UUID as reference.
    Fill other fields as required OrgUnitID/JobID , defaulting exists for RoleCode, StarDate, EndDate.
    c. Process the OrgUnit Create via Update view.
  6. Check results in Monitor view again.



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