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2521077 - CPU consumption by idle Crystal Reports WPF viewer in Visual Studio


I am observing the following: Given a simple WPF application that uses Crystal Reports WPF viewer (CR Runtime for Visual Studio SP20 installed): as soon as the report is loaded in the viewer, the application starts consuming CPU (2-5% on two-core machine), and that load persists for as long as the WPF form with WPF viewer remains on screen.

The load is not observed when the viewer is on screen without the report. Apparently, that load is caused by the viewer's load animation (gradient bagel which is shown by CR WPF report viewer while the report is being loaded), which continues counting and updating the rotation transformation even after the report is loaded and the animation is collapsed.

This is observed at least on Win 10 Anniversary Update with .NET 4.7 and on Windows 2012 R2 with .NET 4.6.1 Questions:

  1. Is it a known problem?
  2. If so -- are there ways we could apply in the application utilizing the CR WPF report viewer to avoid that CPU load?  



  • Crystal Reports for Visual Studio SP 20
  • VS 2015
  • Windows 10

Reproducing the Issue

Please provide step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce your issue: 1. Unzip attached sources of a simple WPF application. 2. Build it using Visual Studio 2015. 3. Start the application -- it will show the form with a crystal viewer. 4. In Windows Task Manager, check that WpfApplication1.exe is not consuming CPU. 5. In the WPF Crystal Viewer, click Open an Existing Crystal Report report button and select the report -- the archive has Sample.rpt with saved data. 6. When the report is loaded, wait a bit and check Windows Task Manager -- the WpfApplication1 is reported to consume some CPU cycles constantly -- on my two-core machine it is between 1 and 5 percent.


The issue has been duplicated so it will be escalated to R&D for a solution and set for SP 22, due out in December or January 2018, not dates planed for SP 22 at this time.


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