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2524310 - How to enable, grant access and use the Proxy Import Feature in SuccessFactors


  • How to grant Proxy Permission using the Proxy Import functionality?
  • How to grant Proxy Permissions to various users?
  • It's possible to grant Proxy Permission to several users at once?
  • How to massively grant Proxy rights?
  • Proxy rights and Concurrent/Secondary Employment;
  • Why Proxy Import is not reflecting on the instance?

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# How to make the Proxy Import feature available:

  1. Go through Admin Center > Manage User > Proxy Management (Enable);
  2. Select Change the proxy settings for the company (Proxy Management);
  3. Check the "Enable Advanced Proxy Management (Proxy Now and Proxy Import)" checkbox:
Proxy mgt.JPG

# How to configure and use the Proxy Import feature:

  1. Go through Admin Center > Proxy Import;
  2. Download the template by hiting "Download a blank CSV template";
  3. Add a row in the import file for each proxy assignment you want to add, edit, or remove.
  4. Define the proxy relationship with the following values:
    • USERID is the account holder, identified by User ID.
    • PROXYID is the proxy, identified by User ID.
  5. Optional: For each row, set a time range for the proxy assignment. You can add a START_DATE, an END_DATE, or both, in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm format. Note: If this format is not respected the import will pass but the change won't occur. ( ⚠️ By default, proxy assignments start as soon as they’re created and have no end date. Use this option to restrict proxy assignments to the specified time range). Note: Start and end times are based on the local time zone of the proxy administrator who sets them, as shown in Employee Central or on their employee profile.
  6. Enter YES in the ALL column to give proxy rights to all areas of the system, so that the proxy can do everything the account holder can do.
  7. Enter YES in the REMOVE ALL column to remove all proxy rights for the specified account holder.
  8. Enter YES in one or more columns named for specific areas of the system (such as Performance Manager Forms or Compensation) to grant proxy rights for just those areas. The value NO is implied by a blank field. You don't have to enter it in the file.
  9. Once the csv file is ready, save it, click on Browse, select the file and import it.

Follow a comparative and explanation about main fields of template equals to Proxy screen:

# Important further considerations:

  • When performing a Proxy Import, you will not be deleting the existing ones if you don't include them in the .csv file. You will be only adding the new proxies;
  • You can assign multiple proxies to a single account holder, using the pipe symbol (|) between IDs. For example: userid1|userid2. Note: This Piple feature does not work the other way around so you cannot provide multiple User IDs for only 1 Proxy ID. 
  • Proxy Import feature only support the main User ID as parameter to create Proxy Assignments a massive way (through the import file);
    • Therefore, it's not possible to grant proxy rights to secondary employment ID's when the user have Concurrent Employment.

# Why Proxy Import data is not reflecting into the instance?

  • You must import the file with YES all caps, if you use yes or Yes, it will not fail the import file, but will fail the data imported.
  • For the modules that you don't want to grant access to, you should just let it blank. If you use 'NO', the import will fail and proxy rights will not be granted.

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