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2525322 - Character limit in Blog post


  • Blog post is getting truncated
  • Character limit in Blog post?


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  • There is a character limit in blog post and the limit is 65,536 characters (this includes spaces)
  • Please note the blog content is saved as html so there is more than just the text visible to viewers that needs to be saved.
  • The '65,536' is the limit of database to store the blog. The blog content needs to add more extra characters to keep the font styles (such as font color, font size......).
    • For example, a user adds a simple blog which content is 'Hello Jam'.
    • Its content will become "<p>Hello Jam</p>" when saved to database. It contains extra 7 characters which are invisible to the user in SAP Jam. And if a user changes the font color to red, the content will become "<p style="color: #ff0000;">Hello Jam</p>". It contains extra 35 characters compared to the first case. But from the appearance in SAP Jam, the user only entered 9 characters in these two cases.

PLEASE NOTE: In case you need to write a longer article/post, a wiki is the recommended content type.

  • For Wikis, the limit is large enough that it shouldn't be reached in any real world usage scenario.
  • You can set the permissions on the wiki to Limited if you want to limit the edits.


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