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2528292 - Wrong Allocation for Tax Payment Created Through Bank Advice


You notice that Payment allocation XXX generated from bank payment advice ID YY for Tax Authority AA shows incorrect Payment Allocated To status.

Despite choosing Tax Authority the payment is being allocated to 2 - Trade payables instead of 8 - Tax payables or receivables.

You open Payment Allocation XXX and click on view all, the following error message occurs:

Financial data of business partner AA (Tax Authority) not found

Payment allocation XXX remains in status In Preparation due to this error.


Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Liquidity Management work center.
  2. Select subview Bank Payment Advices.
  3. Click on New button on the top right corner of your screen and select Bank Payment Advice.
  4. Fill out the necessary fields.
  5. Choose Tax authority as Payer/Payee (Tax authority which is not set up as a supplier).
  6. Mark the Posting Advice check box.
  7. Choose Bank transfer for payment method.
  8. Choose Bank account ID.
  9. Click on release.
  10. Click on View All button on the same bank credit advice after release.
  11. Go to Document Flow tab.
  12. Open the associated Payment Allocation.
  13. Click on View All button.

Result: Following error message appears:

Financial data of business partner AA (Tax Authority) not found

And under chevron Customer/Supplier, in the Payment Allocated to section, the wrong allocation is assigned:

2 - Trade payables

The correct allocation should be:

8 - Tax payables or receivables



This issue is known and occurred with 1705 update.

The system does not recognize Tax Payments created through Bank Advices as Tax Payments and therefore allocates them wrong as 2 - Trade payables instead of 8 - Tax payables and receivables.


This is a known issue and correction will be released with 1711 update.

The current workaround is to manually change the Payment Allocation to section.

In the effected Payment allocation do the following:

  1. Open effected Payment allocation XXX generated due to creation of a Bank Advice.
  2. Click on View All Button.
  3. In Chevron Customer/Supplier, under Payment Allocated to section select 8 - Tax payables and receivables.
  4. Match Allocation amount with Open Amount.
  5. Click on Post button.



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