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2528542 - Document numbering rule with GSTIN Number for Customer invoice is not working as expected(Indian specific scenario)


You have created a new rule for document numbering format for customer invoicing for country India with GST Identification number in the rule without ending the validity of the existing rule and you expect that the new numbering format is picked for the invoices which has the respective GSTIN Number. However the system picks existing numbering format instead of new one.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Customer Invoicing work center.
  2. Go to the Invoice Documents work center.
  3. Search for the invoice created for the invoice request XYZ (XYZ represents the ID of the invoice request).
  4. The Invoice created has numbering prefix as ABC however you are expecting it to be DEF( ABC is the prefix of the existing rule and DEF is the new rule which you have created).

Note: The GSTIN number of seller in the invoice is same as the GST Identification number maintained in the document numbering rule.


The new rule(DEF) which you have created in the Document Numbering formats is placed below the existing rule(ABC)  in the table Document Numbering Formats Specific to India in the Business Configuration workcenter. The system will pick the first available rule(ABC) in the table. In this case since the existing rule(ABC) does not have any specific GSTIN Number or any other specific conditions and this rule is placed before the newly created rule(DEF), the system will always pick the existing rule(ABC).( ABC is the existing rule and DEF is the newly created rule).


The newly created rule should be placed above the existing rule in the table Document Numbering Formats Specific to India , then system will pick the first rule and if the GSTIN Number matches then this new rule will be picked. You can implement above suggestion in Business Configuration:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Overview view.
  3. Search for the Document Numbering Formats for Customer Invoicing.
  4. Select the activity and choose View button.
  5. Open the Document Numbering Formats for India.
  6. Select the newly created Rule with Prefix DEF and Click on Move Up button and place it above the existing rule with prefix ABC


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