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  • Where to get help with a Career Site Builder Implementation?
  • Partner Resources for Career site Builder
  • How to configure career site builder?
  • How to engage Professional Services Engagement for Career Site Builder configuration?
  • Where is the Career Site Builder Implementation guide?


  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing
  • Career Site Builder


The following resources are provided during partner training to enable partners to successfully implement CSB for their customers. They should be leveraged before contacting support.

CSB Implementation Guide:

  • The latest Recruiting implementation guide can be found on the help portal here.
  • It contains detailed information on configuration and should always be the first port of call for any issues or questions.

Training Offerings (PartnerEdge and Learning hub)

  • Up to date information on available training and resources can be found on the PartnerEdge site.
  • If you have any questions regarding PartnerEdge, please reach out to your Partner Service Advisor.

  • The SAP Learning Hub offers instant access to a vast learning knowledge-base created by SAP for business users and IT.
  • Get access to more than 5,000 training titles, including e-learning and personalize each user's environment with user-relevant data.
  • Access dynamic social learning opportunities and optional live training systems.
  • Register for SAP Live Access to get on-demand access to live SAP software systems with real data.

CSB Implementation Assets (PartnerEdge):

  • These are valuable tools to help with the implementation and include a task list, configuration workbook and various configuration templates, to be be found here.

The Partner Delivery Community (Your One-stop Shop for Delivery)

  • This is the go-to place for consultants to search for answers to their questions, post questions, stay informed on implementation & product topics with various blogs.
  • Here you can share knowledge with the global SuccessFactors consulting ecosystem and get recognized along the way as they do so.

See Also

Here are some common implementation questions:

Quickbase Access:

  • Quickbase was retired at the end of 2018. New access requests will not be considered.
  • Asana is the new tool for Professional Services engagement.

Asana Access:

  • Product Support cannot grant access to Asana.
  • NB: Asana only comes into play if Professional Services are engaged on a billable project. 
  • For Partner led RMK implementations, Asana does not come into play.
  • RMK implementations: Asana access will be provided by the assigned Project Manager for PS led RMK implementations.
  • If you are not put in contact with a RMK Project Manager, please reach out to the contract creator. (Their email will be in the signed SoW.) If you have any questions please contact your SSEM.
  • Advanced Analytics: An Asana task is only needed if the Scope of Advanced Analytics Work Sold is the full 20 hours, if only the Minimum Scope (5 hours) has been purchased, Asana access is not required.

Site Creation Requests:

  • Product Support cannot create RMK instances. The Provisioning process should be triggered by the sales contact.

RMK Demo System Requests:

  • These should be directed to the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Cloud Operations Portal.
  • Select Demo Instance Request Tool / Partner Demo Request Tool
  • Additional Information can be found here.

Site Manager Access Requests:

  • Certified RMK Partners who have successfully completed Career Site Builder training and earned an Associate Certification for RMK can request access to the client's Production and Stage instances.
  • Complete the form "RMK Site Manager Request" on the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Cloud Operations Portal.
  • Navigate to OPERATIONS REQUESTS > REQUEST FORMS, and in the section "RMK Requests" click on "RMK Site Manager Assignment".
  • Complete the form twice, once for Stage and once for Production. You will receive an email confirmation, and a Site Manager account will be provided within 5 business days.

RMK Site Manager Account Password Reset:

  • This can also be done from the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Cloud Operations Portal.
  • Navigate to OPERATIONS REQUESTS > REQUEST FORMS, and in the section "RMK Requests" click on "RMK Password Reset"
  • Note that if the partner does not receive the handover email even though the request appears as completed on the Operations portal, they should not create a case with Support but instead simply request a password reset for the email to be triggered.

How to get my customer’s Site Name, Site ID and Customer ID to request Site Manager Access:

  • When the Customer contract is signed, the contact provided in the contract will receive the site details via email.
  • As a partner you should be in contact with this person already and they should provide these details to you.
  • Note support can also look for the site and provide all the required details.

RMK SSL Certificate:

IMPORTANT NOTE: After November 19th 2021 partners will have to use the new SSL Certificate tab in Career Site Builder to either generate the CSR file and install or import a wildcard certificate. Since this is a self-service tool, Operations team will no longer be part of the process of certificate installation.

Important note on Professional Services Engagement for CSB configuration:

SAP Professional Services support for CSB configuration requires a billable engagement. If you would like to engage SAP Professional Services to provide support in resolving this issue:

  1. If the Customer/Partner has an Active Sales Order with SAP Professional Services:
  • If you require assistance during implementation, and have an active Sales Order with SAP Professional Services, please work with the Implementation Consultant assigned to your project to review and resolve the issue.
  • If you do not know who the SAP Professional Services Consultant assigned to your project is, please contact the Services Sales Manager (SSEM) who drafted your services contract to provide a resource name.
  1. If the Customer/Partner does not have an Active Sales Order with SAP Professional Services:
  • If you are a Partner Consultant supporting a customer Implementation and require an SAP Professional Services Functional or Technical Consultant to support however do not have an active Sales Order, please work with your regional SSEM to request an estimate for Delivery Enablement Support, and to assist in drafting an SOW to engage Services.
  • If you require assistance completing a post-production change to your Career Site Builder instance, please work with your regional SSEM to request an estimate for engaging a Professional Services consultant to provide assistance.

Note: Please notice that Site Manager Access Requests, RMK Site Manager Account Password Reset, and How to get my customer’s Site Name, Site ID and Customer ID to request Site Manager Access, are currently not valid. SAP has temporarily revised the access protocol for RMK Command Center. Please refer to KBA 2968898.


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