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2530455 - Unable to Post Payment Allocation Automatically


You expect that a Payment Allocation is posted automatically after an Inbound Payment File from the bank has been successfully posted.

However this is not the case, the Payment Allocation remains in status "In Preparation".

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Liquidity Management Work Center.
  2. Select the Inbound Files View.
  3. Show All Inbound Files, find XXX (where XXX represents the Inbound File in question) and press Go.

You can see that the Status is Finished as expected.

  1. Go to the Payment Management Work Center.
  2. Select the Payment Allocation View.
  3. Show In Preparation Payment Allocations, find YYY (where YYY represents the respective Payment Allocation) and press Go.
  4. Choose Edit.
  5. Under Tab Payment Confirmations/Returns the Open Payments concerned are not listed since they are already posted.

The payment allocation YYY is still in status In Preparation.

  1. Under Details of Bank Statement Item click on the External Reference ID ZZZ/AA (where ZZZ/AA represents the External Reference in question).
  2. Scroll down until you can see an item where postprocessing is required.

You expect that this item has the Postprocessing Status not required.



There can be several reasons and solutions for this behavior as outlined below.


First solution:

  1.  Go to the Liquidity Management Work Center.
  2.  Select the Bank Statements View.
  3.  Switch to All Bank Statements.
  4.  Search for Bank statement ID ZZZ that has the Postprocessing status Required.
  5.  Select the Bank Statement and click on Restart Payment Allocation Processing.

The Payment Allocation gets posted.

Second solution:

  1. Go to the Payment Management Work Center.
  2. Select the Payment Allocation View.
  3. Search for Payment Allocation ID FFF (where FFF represents the Payment Allocation in question) and press Edit.
  4. Click on action Create Proposal and then you will be able to post the Payment Allocation.
  5. Press Post.

Now the Payment Allocation is posted.

Third solution:

  1. Go to the Liquidity Management Work Center.
  2. Select the Bank Statements View.
  3. Open Bank Statement ID ZZZ that has the Postprocessing Status Required and press button View All.
  4. Select the Transactions tab.
  5. You can find the Item ID AA that needs Postprocessing Action.
  6. Select the Required blue hyper link.
  7. A new window pops up.
  8. Then click on the button Assign Payment On Account.
  9. You need to fill in the Customer/Supplier ID TTT (where TTT represents the Customer / Supplier ID) and press button OK.
  10. Press the Post button to post the payment to the corresponding Trade Receivable/Payable Account.
  11. Select the Open Invoices and press button Post.

The Payment Allocation is now be posted.


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