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2532092 - LMS - Jam integration functionalities in different SAP Jam editions


Describe the functionalities available in the integration between SAP Jam and SuccessFactors Learning (LMS).


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The functionalities available with the integration between SAP Jam and SuccessFactors Learning varies by edition of SAP Jam.

SuccessFactors Learning can only be integrated with the following SAP Jam versions/editions-

  • Advanced
  • Advanced Plus
  • Enterprise

SAP Jam Advanced Edition:

  • From within the LMS:
    • Users can view SAP Jam groups associated with courses.
    • Create an SAP Jam group from the LMS system.
    • Automatically invite learners/users to the related SAP Jam group (provided 'Jam Groups Notification' APM on LMS side is configured).

  • From within SAP Jam:
    • No functionality inside SAP Jam available specific to this integration. SAP Jam effectively doesn't know anything about the LMS or the courses.
    • The integration in this edition is one-way (from LMS to SAP Jam)

SAP Jam Advanced Plus Edition and higher:

All the functionalities of the Advanced Edition Integration are available.
Additionally, there are Business-record level integration, enabling real-time information from LMS to Jam in Advanced Plus and higher editions.

  • From within the LMS:
    • Users can search the LMS catalog and related SAP Jam elements will show up under the Social Learning tab. (LMS system queries the SAP Jam search engine and displaying the results within the LMS)
  • From within SAP Jam:
    • Visibility of the SuccessFactors Learning system from the SAP Jam business records browser screen as a data provider.
    • Ability to feature a course to an SAP Jam group and see what groups the record has been featured to.
    • Ability to create an SAP Jam group based on/linked-to a specific business record.
    • Ability to create a task around a "featured" secondary course.
    • Ability to display real-time linked-to-course details as a business record widget on group overview pages.
    • Ability to display a related/featured course widget (business record list widget) showing secondary featured courses (courses recommended for the learner by the instructor)
    • When a course has been linked to an SAP Jam group, an additional menu option appears in a group's left menu: "Course details" giving the user a view to the course information, in real-time from LMS, which includes course details as well as scheduled offerings.
    • When a group has featured business records, an additional menu option appears in a group's left menu: "Featured Business records", giving the user visibility to any other courses featured to this group (courses the instructor recommends). The items in this list would, presumably, be used as a "Recommended courses" widget to promote other courses to the learners.

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