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2532449 - Error "The CSV file you are trying to upload is not in UTF-8 format" - Integration Center


When creating a new 'Scheduled CSV Input file Integration' interface in Integration Center the following error is received: The CSV file you are trying to upload is not in UTF-8 format.

Your integration is with status Completed with Warnings in Monitor Integrations page with the following message: The file XXX.csv you are trying to read from the SFTP server is not in UTF-8 encoding, it may lead to data corruption.


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    • Integration Center
      • Inbound Integration


Integration Center supports other encodings, but if Integration Center doesn't recognize the file as UTF-8, the warning message will be shown when the integration is executed.


Prior to the 1708 software update/release, there was no warning when a non-UTF-8 file was uploaded.

However, after the 1708 release, a warning message "The CSV file you are trying to upload is not in UTF-8 format" is shown if the file is not recognized by Integration Center as UTF-8.

It is recommended to save files (before uploading them) in format 'CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)(*.csv)' - as below:


Important observations/notes:

There are two types of UTF-8:

  • UTF-8 with BOM (Byte Order Mark)
  • UTF-8 without BOM

Integration Center always generates its files encoded as UTF-8 without BOM. This explains the statement on Integration Center's guide on page 33: "The output file generated from Integration Center is always UTF-8 encoded.".

However, there are some tools that don't recognize this encoding type as UTF-8. But then when changing the encoding to UTF-8 with BOM, the file starts to be recognized as UTF-8. Integration Center itself does that, showing that warning message when the file is encoded as UTF-8 without BOM.

You can check a file UTF-8 specific encoding using Notepad++:

UTF-8 without BOM


UTF-8 with BOM


If your integration is executed correctly and showed the warning message regarding the UTF-8 format, there is no implication using non-UTF-8 format CSV format in Integration Center inbound interfaces. You can just ignore the warning message. In case some column or line could not be read, the Integration Center interface will give you one failed (error) just for this line and the file will continue to be processed until the program reads all the lines of the CSV.

If you are sure your file is encoded as UTF-8 and that warning is still coming up, probably the file was encoded with UTF-8 without BOM, as Integration Center doesn't recognize it as UTF-8. You can keep ingnoring the warning if the integration works properly.

See Also

Find more information on the Integration Center reference guide.


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