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2533061 - Initiate PM Form On Job Change Event: How to Configure the Off Cycle Event Batch for Future-Dated Scenarios


How to configure an off cycle batch for future-dated scenarios

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  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central


Please Note Before Proceeding: Business rules cannot be configured to launch forms for terminated employees irrespective of the termination date being in past, present or future. However, forms should work for termination scenario if launched manually and not through business rules.


  • In the JobInfo portlet, ensure the hris-field has id="pm-form" visibility="view"

I. Create/Configure the Offcycle Event Batch Processing Job in Admin Center

As a customer, you do not have access to Provisioning. Please engage a Certified Partner or SuccessFactors Product Support to implement the fix.

  1. Navigate to Scheduled Job Manager
  2. Select Job Scheduler Tab
  3. Select Create New Request
  4. Enter the following:
    • Job Name: [name of customer's choice]
    • Job Owner: [select user of customer's choice]
    • Job Type: Offcycle Event Batch Processing
    • Job Occurrence & Notification:
      • Occurrence: Recurring
      • Recurring Pattern: Daily and select customer's time preference
    • Start Date: Enter date/time customer would like job to run
      • Note: This job should run after the daily HRIS Sync job so user data is already synced by the time this job processes
    • (Optional) Additional E-mail Recipients
    • (Optional) Send E-mail when job starts
  5. Submit

II. Configure the Initiate PM Form Job on Job Change Event Business Rule

For example, if the rule base object is job information, please select Job History in baseEntity. Please see 2530838 - Initiate PM Form On Job Change Event: How to Launch a New Performance Form Based on a Job Info Change for an example of the rule used to create PM forms.

III. Configure the Off Cycle Batch for Future-Dated Scenarios

  1. Log in to the system
  2. Go to Manage data
  3. In the right-hand corner, locate the Create New dropdown and search for Off Cycle Event Batch
  4. In the Associated Rule field, select the OffCycleEventBatch rule created in the previous step
  5. Enter all required fields per your company's requirements (example below) > Save

For example, if we want a rule to process all current and future-dated hires we would set the following:

  • Filter Field: Hire Date
  • Operator: is on or after
  • Offset: [number field] i.e. if every 2 months, populate 2 in this field
  • Offset Unit: [timeframe] i.e. if every 2 months, select Month(s)

filter for future hires.PNG

SAP Note: If there are other OffCycleEventBatch processes, all of them will be processed together by the BizX Daily Rules Processing Batch job in Provisioning. You can see all the objects already created by clicking in the dropdown menu.

all objects.PNG

When the Offcycle Event Batch Processing Job runs, all active OffCycleEventBatch processes will be used to query records matching the effective start date. The business rule will trigger the Initiate PM Form On Job Change Event mentioned in the 'THEN' statement only when the 'IF' condition of the rule matches. Results can be downloaded from > Scheduled Job Manager.

FAQ - Additional Information

Q) Where can I get information on this from the Guide?

A) Guide:Mass Changes in Employee Centrale    and Chapter: Setting Up an Off Cycle Event Batch Job

Q) BizXDailyRuleProcessingBatch is missing provisioning?

A) The BizX Daily Rule Processing Batch job is now renamed to:  Off Cycle Event Batch Processing Job.

SAP Note:The  Off Cycle Event Batch Processing Job were removed from Provisioning but can be configured in Scheduled Job Manager. Just make sure that the user has access to "Monitor Scheduled Jobs" permission in RBP to be able to create/modify this type of job.

Q)Which permission must be grant to administrator

A) This action is supported in Scheduled Job Manager, for the selected job type.

  • You have the following permissions:
    • Admin Center Permissions  Monitor Scheduled Jobs
    • Admin Center Permissions  Manage Scheduled Jobs

You can use Scheduled Job Manager in Admin Center to create, manage, and monitor Off Cycle Event Batch Processing job type. Guide: Managing Scheduled Jobs - chapter _ Chapter: Notes on Some Common Job Types view:2512570 - Creating an HRIS Sync Job in SAP SuccessFactors Via Scheduled Job Manager

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