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2533328 - lastModifiedBy and lastModifiedDate fields in MDF objects.


  • Manage data page does not show Updated by details at right bottom corner.
  • Cannot see who last modified the data on MDF object.
  • Timestamp for last change not available on Manage data page.
  • How to accomodate the changes made on MDF object on the UI without having to create a new UI from scratch?

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Manage data page shows the "Updated by" at the bottom right corner of a record when there is no Default Screen attached on the MDF object (custom or pre-delivered) as can be seen below:


But if you confugure a custom UI on the Default screen (for example a custom MDF object, Position or Payment Information or any other MDF object), the "Updated by" field at the bottom of the portlet does not show anymore.



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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a custom UI for an MDF object (custom or pre delivered), via Manage Configuration UI. (for example - Position object)

  2. Set this UI as the "Default Screen" on the Position Object Definition, via Configure Object Definitions.

  3. View a position via the Position Org Chart or Manage Positions (or see the data from Manage data page)

  4. The "Updated by" field is missing at the bottom of the portlet.


Custom UI's do not have this functionality and hence this is an expected behavior if the custom UI does not display the "Updated by" field on MDF objects.


To have the details of the last change made even on the Default UI screen, you can make use of two system fields from object level - lastModifiedBy and lastModifiedDate.

NOTE: These are system fields and hence should never be set to Editable. These fields have to be used carefully and in a very calculated way.

1) Go to Configure Object Definition page and open the MDF object in question.

2) Locate the fields "lastModifiedBy and lastModifiedDate". Click on Details.

3) The Visibility of the field is set to "Not Visible" by default for every MDF object.


4) Change the Visibility to "Read Only" and save the changes in object definition.


NOTE: Do not attempt to set this field to "Editable".

If you attempt it for custom MDF Object, you will get an error and will not be able to save the object. If you attempt it for standard pre delivered MDF objects, you will not get any error, but system will reset the Visibility to "Not Visible" automatically.

5) Since this was a change done at object level, the UI will not automatically accomodate these changes. You will need to create a new UI screen to have these fields visible as part of the object.


Alternatively, if you want to avoid creating a whole new UI, you can add the fields manually via the UI screen and mapping them to the fields from object level. Steps are below:

1) Go to the existing UI screen.

2) Click on Add field.


3) Go to the properties of newly added field and set the Editable = No (this is very important if the fields are system fields, like in this example)

4) Change the "Value Type = Resolver" and choose "Last Modified By" for Value Type User Defined.


5) Save the UI and observe the changes on the Manage data page or on the People profile portlet. (or other pages like Manage position, Position Org chart)

Result: Now these fields will be available as a part of the object as Read Only fields. It will suffice the reqirement of seeing the details of last change made.


1) As per current design, data change made by Proxy on account holder's profile is not supported under lastModifiedBy field. Thus, the changes would show as last changed by account holder user even if it is being performed by Proxy user.

2) If there is no approval process, no workflow will trigger after a change, hence it will be the initiator who will appear as the user in the last modified by. If there is a workflow, before the workflow is approved, it will show the initiator’s name. After the approval process, it will be the final approver who will appear as having made the change.

3) The 'Last modified By' will always have the initiator details unless, any of the approver has the option to “Edit” during the process. If the approver has the option to “Edit” during the process, this field will show the approver’s name who edited the object.

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