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2533414 - Prospect blocking for ERP integration not working for multi system integration


When customer edits a prospect that had been previously blocked from replicating to ERP when created in C4C, the edit/save triggers messages that are sent to ERP.

Reproducing the Issue


  1. Scoping question "Do you want to block prospects created in Cloud solution, from being replicated to your SAP ERP solution?" must be enabled.
  2. C4C must be integrated with two systems at the same time and both.
  3. C4C must be configured to replicate business partners to both systems.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create/Save a new prospect in C4C.
  2. Verify that prospect was only replicated to non-ERP system.
  3. Access prospect in C4C and edit the same.
  4. Check that outgoing message was sent to ERP and non-ERP systems.


When we create a prospect in C4C, the same is sent to the non-ERP system but not to ERP. Here no prospect blocking is active for the non-ERP system and the message is send out during prospect creation.

Later, when the prospect is changed in C4C, the system recognizes that a messages was already send out for this prospect (to the non-ERP system) and it will send out the message to ERP as well.


The prospect blocking scoping (and the process relevance BAdI) cannot be used for multi backend scenarios where instances should be filtered only for some receiver systems.

Filtering has to be implemented in the receiver determination BAdI using PDI.


KBA , LOD-CRM-EMP , Employee , Product Enhancement


SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer add-ins 1611 ; SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer add-ins 1702 ; SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer add-ins 1708