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2534674 - How To Fix Inconsistencies In Metadata Framework (MDF)


  • How to clear the MDF cache
  • What to do when Succession Data Model and Metadata Framework are not in sync?
  • One or more of these symptoms might be occurring:
    • MDF objects disappeared from the instance
    • MDF objects are not showing up in the Configure Object Definition page but you still can see them in Configure People Profile (or other part of the system)
    • Different browsers show different list of MDF objects
    • Picklist Center is empty, error in browser console log "Entity PickListUIV2 is not found. Please contact your system administrator."
    • After enabling Qualtrics and granting RBP permissions, Manage Qualtrics Integration page is not showing up
    • Unable to login to system post enabled Onboarding2.0 feature in provisioning: application error fingerprint 2603c6b56c828320597ed3d1bb62a59037e5691a

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  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors OData API
  • SAP SuccessFactors Metadata Framework (MDF)
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding2.0


Inconsistencies can sometimes occur when changes are made to MDF objects in the following scenarios:

  • Uploading the Corporate or Succession Data Model xml in Provisioning
  • Changing the Corporate or Succession Data Model in Admin Center via Manage Business Configuration
  • Changing an Object Definition
  • Enabling new MDF objects


If the changes made to the MDF Objects are not correctly reflected in the instance, clearing the MDF cache is recommended.

For customers:

To clear the Metadata Cache go to:

  1. Admin Center
  2. OData API Metadata Refresh and Export
  3. Refresh Metadata Cache

*If this is not a visible option in Admin Center, then you will need to permission it via RBP. The tool is found under the permission category Manage Integration Tools.

Run once the "MDF Object Definition to DB Sync" job:

Note: starting with 2H 2022 Release, customers have also the possibility to directly re-run this job from the Admin Center (prerequisite is that is was previously created at least once from Provisioning).

  1. On Admin Center, go to Scheduled Job Manager
  2. Click on the tab Job Scheduler
  3. On Job Type, select MDF Object Definition to DB Sync
  4. On Actions, you can click on Run it Now (you will need correct RBP permission, see FAQ below for the pre-requisite)

Note: Users can only directly run this job using "Run It Now" option, it is not possible to schedule this job to a future date.

For Partners and Customer Support:

To clear the MDF Cache via Provisioning:

  1. Go Provisioning
  2. Under "MDF Cache Tool" click "Clear Cache" link
  3. Click "Click to clear cache" button

Run once the job "MDF Object Definition to DB Sync" in provisioning

FAQ - Additional Information

Q) Where can I get information on this from the Guide?

A) Guide: Implementing Employee Central Core

 Chapter: Synchronizing the Succession Data Model with Metadata Framework (MDF)

  • When you manually add the fields in Data Model XML but they do not appear in BCUI, you are advised refresh the metadata using Admin Center  OData API Metadata Refresh And Export. Synchronizing the Succession Data Model with Metadata Framework (MDF)

Q) What are the pre-requisite for Schedule Job Manager?

A) you can find the pre-requesite in the help guide Creating a Scheduled Job Request in Admin Center

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