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2534805 - Reporting Runs usability


You are trying to run a particular report which contains tons of records which ends up causing an error when pulling all data. Usually it is due to time out exception or system memory shortage during the report runtime execution.


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Reproducing the Issue

You try to run a report, customized or standard, that eventually throws an error message after sometime time loading.

  1. Go to General Ledger Work Center
  2. Go to Report list
  3. Open the report G/L Accounts - Line Items
  4. set the filters

An error message comes up, usually after 5 minutes or so.


When using analytical reports with selections that generate very large result data, you sometimes might face time-outs or failures due to insufficient memory.

Technically speaking, the report has more than 2 GB of transactional data and/or it is taking more than 10 minutes to pull out all data, it will lead to memory shortage.


There is a feature called Reporting Runs which is intended to help overcome memory shortages and time outs for larger result data.

Reporting Runs helps business users to avoid this by enabling them to define and trigger background executions of analytical reports in sub packages based on a defined split criterion, assembling the subpart results, and providing the overall result for download as a CSV file within the system.

Firstly, you need to scope this feature in your active solution:

  1. Go to Business Configuration Work Center
  2. Select your project and click on Edit Project Scope
  3. Jump to step 4 - Questions
  4. Expand Built-in Services and Support > System Management > Analytics
  5. Flag the check box for the question: Do you want to run analytical reports with large data in smaller packages?
  6. Finish and deploy the solution.

Secondly, you need to assign the Work Center to your end user:

  1. Go to Application and User Management Work Center
  2. Go to Business User Work Center view
  3. Select the user and click on Edit > Access Rights
  4. Assign the Work Center Reporting Runs to the user

Third, you need to define a new Reporting Run for one or more reports:

  1. Go to Reporting Run Work Center
  2. Go to Reporting Run Definitions Work Center view
  3. Click on New
  4. Fill out the mandatory fields and how you want to get the results in the Overall Result field.


See Also

Please consider the following points:

  • There is a limitation of only 1 execution per user, and only 5 executions across all users;
  • After cancellation of a result it still takes time until an already executed subpart is finished, only then a new run can be started;
  • Automatic Deletion of results: the results are similar to results in the regular analytical report executions. This means that they are a one-time result that can be downloaded and is not intended to be stored indefinitely in the system. In the case of reporting run results, the system deletes the results that are older than 4 weeks. Therefore, download and save your work on time;
  • The format of the report file exposed is not Excel but a CSV file (therefore it may be necessary to tell Excel how to interpret certain columns, i.e. set the formatting style. In case the Excel is the program used to open the CSV file).
  • The field set for Attribute for Packaging will be the first column of the exported file; We can observe different outcomes for Attribute for Packaging and Overall Result options. These are some recommendations:
    •  put the main characteristic in the first position (column) in the report grid;
    •  test with a different attribute for packaging: change it by a different characteristic in case of issues;
    •  test with selections resulting in smaller data sets (This ensures that when you schedule the job, the report executes in the background without memory shortages).


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