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2536045 - Add Learning Activity Link and Link Behavior in Development Goal


This article provides information on the link to Learning Activities available in the "Add Development Goal" on Development Plan.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Planning

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go Development Plan page;
  2. Click "Add New Goal";
  3. The "Add Learning Activity" option shows in the pop-up and in the Development Goal:

    Learning Activity Link 1.jpg


For systems with Learning Management System (LMS/ Learning) integrated with BizX, the "Transcript" feature is part of the system integration. When the Transcript is disabled in BizX instances integrated with LMS, some of the features in Development Plan may not work properly, as the "+Add Learning Activity" option in the Development Goal pop-up, when adding a new goal.  Or, when Transcript is enabled in instances not integrated with LMS, some features in the Development Plan will also not work propertly

  • For example, one of the features that will not work properly when Transcript is enabled without integration is the adding of a Custom Learning Activity to a Development Goal.
  • The Learning Activity data will not appear on the Development Goal after the activity is created and saved.


The Learning Activity catalog can only be accessed through the Development Goal page, after the goal is added to the users' plan.

To avoid this misleading access to Learning Activities through the Add Goal pop-up window, the "Transcript" feature must be enabled for instances using LMS x BizX integration.

The "Transcript" feature can only be enabled in Provisioning. To complete tasks in Provisioning, contact your Implementation Partner. If you are no longer working with an Implementation Partner, contact SAP Cloud Support, opening an incident under component "LOD-SF-CDP-LA" (Career Development Plan).

After the transcript is enabled in your instance, the Add Learning Activity option will correctly show only in the Development Goals page, and will be removed from the add new goal pop-up window:

Learning Activity Link 2.jpg

For LMS integrated systems, clicking on the 'Launch Learning Activity' link in the Development plan, it will automatically load the Learning module for that user.

Language differences:

Please note that there are some minor language differences between English US and English UK. For example: Adding and saving a learning activity from catalog, when SuccessFactors system is in English US shows 'Done':

Learning Activity Eng_US.png

But in English UK the label is 'Finished':

Add Learning Activity English UK.png
This is the expected behavior.

Notes on Permissions:

To access the Add Learning Activity Link, users need to have permission to access the template in RBP.

  • Further permissions can be defined in the template xml, where you can give create & write permissions.
  • Once users have access to the template, with create/ write and read permissions then they can access the link regardless of other settings, e.g. if the goal plan is in locked state, users will still be able to add/ edit learning activities.
  • This is also true for access to the link in PM forms and the Career Worksheet.
  • It is not possible to hide the learning activity link while giving access to edit a learning activity. By default, giving a user access to edit a field (or fields) will not work unless they also have permission to add a learning activity. 


  • In the Development plan, when a goal is in 'Completed' state, it is no longer possible to add further learning activities.
  • You cannot add a learning activity/ item from LMS to a development goal when proxied as another user. You must be directly logged in to do this. 
  • If you wish to hide the link completely, just remove access to the Learning template via RBP.
  • You can only add active links to the 'Instructions' section via the template xml. Adding Url's via the goal will only result in a text Url and will not be active. 


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