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2536409 - Account Assignment Details not Appearing in Supplier Invoice( Goods receipt exist)


Account Assignment details that are Cost Center and GL Account are empty under the Cost distribution tab of the Supplier invoice, where the Supplier invoice is either in status  In approval or Ready for posting.


You have created a purchase order ABC with account assignment cost center. However up on creating the supplier invoice for the purchase order, system failed to update the Account Assignment details in the cost distribution tab.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Supplier invoicing work center
  2. Go to invoice entry view
  3. Show All orders to be invoiced
  4. Select the relevant order and click on New invoice button
  5. In case there are more than 100 GSA's / a single GSA with many individual materials you will see that a dialog box pops up
  6. If you choose deliveries more than 100 / a single GSA with more than 100 individual materials, then you will have only one option to click on New Invoice with Delayed Verification


Currently for supplier invoice the base document is Purchase Order and the Account account information flows from Purchase order to GSR and then  from GSR to Invoice, when you have scoped the functionality Delayed Verification in Progress in the scoping.

Since invoice is created in the delayed verification mode ,the cost distribution details shows that the invoice item is referring to the Purchase Order directly instead of the Goods and Services Receipt.

However the assignment of GSA references and Account assignment details happens only during the posting of Invoice.

This was mainly done to avoid time system takes for assignment of GSA references and Account assignment in case of huge number of GSA’s, hence the Reference will appear as Purchase order and no Account Assignment details appear in cost distribution tab of invoice.


This is expected  and current system behavior.

However, as a workaround you may follow below steps to avoid this situation.

  1. Go to Supplier invoicing work center
  2. Go to invoice entry view
  3. Show "All deliveries to be invoiced"
  4. Then select all goods receipts and click on New invoice button

Also, if you still think that based on Purchase orders appearing in reference item column (when you use the delayed verification under Cost

distribution sub tab in Invoice) the Account assignment details has to be Pulled, Kindly put this in ideas forum mentioning the business use  case so that

based on the votes received our developers can consider for developing it in future releases.

Submit an idea via the SAP Business ByDesign Ideas Forum:


If you want account details to be populated under cost distribution during invoice creation, then uncheck the Delayed Verification checkbox in the scoping. Steps to be followed to uncheck this functionality is mentioned below;

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Implementation Projects view.
  3. Select Edit Project Scope button.
  4. Navigate to Questions and select the scoping element Purchasing.
  5. Select Supplier Invoicing and Supplier invoice and credit memos.
  6. Select the question; Do you want to use delayed verification as supplier invoice entry capability? Set as No
  7. Finish the scoping.

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