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2537424 - Unexpected Approval Task for Time Recording on Project


The employee XYZ (where XYZ represents the Employee ID) has recorded times against the project DEF (where DEF represents the Project ID).

In the project, for the project task on which the times have been recorded, the time recording rule is set to No Approval Required.

After being released, the status of these time recordings changed to In Approval, but you expected them to be in status Active.


Service agent records some times on project task and releases them. You find that these times are always sent to the project manager for approval even Mandatory Time Approval is not selected for the project in Project Management.


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Reproducing the Issue

A.Steps to check status of Time Recording in project.

  1. Go to the Project Management work center.
  2. Go to the Projects view.
  3. Select the relevant project.
  4. Select the Edit button.
  5. Select the Project Plan tab.
  6. Select the relevant Project Task.
  7. Select the Basic Data sub tab.
  8. Note that the status of Time Recording in project is set as No Approval Required.

2.Steps to check status of the Time Recording in the employee time sheet.

  1. Go to the Time Administration work center.
  2. Go to the Employees view.
  3. Select the relevant Employee.
  4. Navigate to Employee Times.
  5. You can see that, time entries are still waiting for Approval.


Cause 1:If an employee records times on a project on which the employee is not staffed(Non team member) (neither directly nor indirectly), then the time is sent for approval.

An employee is staffed on a project if their name or org unit is maintained under Team and Staffing in the project. This org unit needs to be a functional unit, meaning it needs to have at least 1 function assigned to it.

Cause 2:The services under work tab of the child project task are not marked as billable however in the header task under Accounting tab you have marked the Billable field.

Cause 3:The Mandatory Time Approval setting is relevant for time recordings of internal employees only.

Casue 4:For the Project task, you have set the flag for Mandatory Time Approval .


Since Project manager must be notified for various below reasons in general thus system is developed to send for approval.

Solution 1: To avoid employees from recording times against projects to which they are not assigned .  However you can go to Project header task-> project settinsg tab and choose  No aproval required against option 'NonTeam members'.

Solution 2: Non billable time recordings are done.

Solution 3: Service agents does the time recording thus it goes for approval.

Solution 4: Steps to unmark Approval required  for Time Recording in project task:

  1. Go to the Project Management work center.
  2. Go to the Projects view.
  3. Select the relevant project.
  4. Select the Edit button.
  5. Select the Project Plan tab.
  6. Select the relevant Project Task.
  7. Select the Basic Data sub tab.
  8. Choose No Approval Required.

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