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2538339 - How the Target Group Member's E-Mail and Phone Number Check Works


How the Target Group Member's Addressability (E-Mail and Phone Number) check works.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales Campaign or Sales work center.
  2. Go to the Target Group view.
  3. Open your Target Group ABC (ABC is the name of the Target Group).
  4. Go to the Members facet.
  5. Note: if the Addressability column is empty -> If you export the list to Excel Microsoft, the column will also be empty.
  6. Select any Member and click 'More' (in Fiori UI) or action wheel (in HTML5).
  7. Select any of the checks you wish to perform from the list, for example: Check E-Mail Address.
  8. The system will trigger an error if e-mail addresses of N members are missing (N represents the number of members).


If you see the column name Addressability, for those N members the value under the column will be Not Ok.


The e-mail address is missing in the Account/Contact (Business Partner) master data.


  1. Go to the Sales Campaign work center.
  2. Go to the Target Group view and search for Target Group ABC.
  3. Open the Target Group ABC.
  4. Go to the Members facet.
  5. Select one of the members (for example: Account DEF, where GHI is account name) where Addressability column is showing the value as Not Ok on e-mail address check.
  6. In the Account DEF header maintain, the correct e-mail address and Save the changes.
  7. Now go back to the Target Group ABC's Members facet and again perform action Check E-mail address.

Now for the member DEF, the Addressability column will have value as OK and error message will be only for N-1 members only.

The same applies for all other addressability checks.


In relation to the 'Address' Field:

The Address field is a calculated field.
Depending on the member type, the value of the field is determined at runtime. Since the values are dynamic, the export to excel function cannot work on this field.

The reason for the difference is that in Target Groups, the address is not shown in different fields (like Building, Office, City, country et al), but accumulated in one field.

The purpose of the address field here is to differentiate 2 members with the same name.

Excel Microsoft Export: the values from the Addressability field will get exported for Target Groups, the Address will NOT get exported for Target Groups.

You can build a report and extract addresses of a group of customers/Accounts from the Reports.
Kindly check the data sources which are related to Account/ Standard reports to extract the address details.


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