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2539529 - How can I get deleted objects (stories / digital boardrooms) restored in SAP Analytics Cloud?


  • How can I get deleted objects (stories / digital boardrooms) restored in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise)


  • Deleted stories and digital boardroom files can be retrieved (restored) from the "deleted files" (trash bin) from the Files repository. See Manage Files and Folders for more information.
  • Other objects such as dimensions, currency tables, roles, connections, allocation steps, allocation processes, wrangles, value driver trees, location dimensions, data locks and data actions cannot be restored via this method at this time.
  • You can backup and restore these other objects using the Main Menu > Deployment > Export option. See 2538909 for more information.
  • Alternatively, see the following how-to blog that discusses How to automatically backup/archive & restore your plan data (into a backup model).
  • Caution: "It is not recommended to use exports to archive content. Content can only be imported in the same version of the application from which it was exported, or the subsequent version (i.e. current version, current version +1). After your system is upgraded again, you cannot import the content."
    • For example, a 2020.21.X backup file (TGZ) can only be restored into version 2020.21.X or 2020.22.X.
    • Note:
      • The patch level number (third / 3rd value) does not matter.
      • Only the release (version / wave) number is relevant (second / 2nd value).
      • For example, (Year.Release.Patch_Level, 2020.21.0, 2020.22.4).

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