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2540053 - How to maintain Hire Date while creating a new user in Employee Central via Import


How to maintain hire ate while creating a new user in Employee Central (EC) via import process?

Symptoms when hire date not maintained properly:

Manager is not appearing in the supervisor/ manager field in the job info of employee.

Time Account Creation calendar job run returns error SYSTEM_CANNOT_DELETE_TIME_ACCOUNT_EMPLOYEE_TIME_DETAIL


Employee Central 2.0


Job Information, Personal Information and Compensation Information's initial record (with the Hire event) record's start-date is not matching with Employment Detail's "Hire Date".

When we create a new user via import process in Employee Central, care should be taken when selecting Hire Date (start-date) in the Employment Details, Job Info Hire record start date, and Personal Info and Compensation Info start date for initial records. All these dates should match/align because Employee Central(EC) is an effective-dated system.

System will consider the respective records active starting from the Job Information's initial record's start date for each of the above portlet.

Please note that Employment Detail is non-effective dated portlet and the "Hire Date" (start-date) field is set based on the current Hire/Rehire event record in Job Information.

If the initial-date don't match across these 4 elements, then certain EC features will not work properly and will cause issues.

  • Employment Details
  • Job Information
  • Personal Information
  • Compensation Information (Optional - Depends on configuration/usage by other features)


Take a backup of existing data

  1. Navigate to Analytics > and create a "Person and Employment Export" Ad Hoc report for the effected area/user and keep it as data backup.
  2. Use the report to create a fresh Import Template for the impacted area, and ensure that the start-date of the initial record matches the start-date of the jobInfo initial record.
  3. Re-import these templates in Full Purge mode.

NOTE: For larger volumes of corrections -:

  1. Ensure that data is reimported in correct order depending on what data you need to correct (the order is always jobInfo > personalInfo > compInfo - but if you just have personalInfo to correct then just import personalInfo)
  2. Split the import file into several files depending upon the number or records to be imported.

More information about imports can be found in the Employee Central Imports admin guide


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