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2541199 - How to Post Private Update in Feed Wall of an Object


You want to know how to post a private update in Feed Wall (Feed facet) of an object (for example: Lead).

You want this private update displayed in the Feed Wall of the lead, and only you or any other user can see this update as a private note.


Take example of Lead object.

You want to post a Private Update in Feed wall of Lead XXX, and only Employee ABC can see it. (XXX represents the Lead ID, while ABC represents the Employee name)

  1. Go to Sales work center and Leads work center view.
  2. Open and Edit Lead XXX.
  3. Go to Feed facet of Lead XXX.
  4. Click on the Post Update button at the left bottom.
  5. When input your note, use the format as: @XXX *ABC + your note.
  6. Select Post. 
  7. Only the employee ABC can see this private update displayed in the Feed facet of Lead XXX. Meanwhile, the update will also displayed under Feed workcenter of employee ABC.


*ABC means that this is a private update, only employee ABC can see this note.

@XXX means that this update will displayed under Feed facet of lead XXX. If you do not use @XXX, but just *Employee ABC, that means this update will only display under Feed work center of employee ABC, will not display under Feed facet of lead XXX. 


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