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2541251 - People Profile: Application error in Configure People Profile in Personal Information Block


When you try to edit the fields in the personal information block under people profile you are getting application errors.


When you click oK in this error, a second application error might occur:


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  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) - All Versions
  • You are using PP3

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Configure People Profile;


  1. Select the Personal Information block;


  1. Try to edit the field layout configuration and get the application error; 


The application errors have the following fingerprints:

  • 428897ec45f26fe97aedebe22b5f58411e1b8eb1
  • 896dfd801fe22f899a516f0a630404b45fa6d548
  • 737b8a42d778d7252d3a04d087fce8652213c062


The Global Information (globalInfo) hris-element is missing from the Succession Data Model configuration.


The Global Information (globalInfo) hris-element must be defined in the Succession Data Model configuration. It is not supported to remove it.

This configuration issue likely existed for some time, as it is no longer possible to remove globalInfo nor import a Succession Data Model where it is missing.

In order to resolve the issue, the globalInfo hris-element must be added back to the configuration. This can be done in 2 ways depending on what you have access to -:


Via Business Configuration UI

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration
  2. In the left navigation panel, look for "globalInfo" and click on it
  3. Set "Enabled" to "Yes" and then click Save


Via Succession Data Model xml import

  1. Navigate to Provisioning > Import/Export Data Model
  2. Export the Data Model > open it in an XML editor
  3. Scroll down to the <hris-element> part of the XML and put the "globalInfo" hris-element in. It should be placed after the end of the <hris-element id="personalInfo"> element (after the </hris-element> )
  4. Save the XML file and Navigate to Provisioning > Import/Export Data Model > and Import the Data Model

XML Exmaple:

  <hris-element id="globalInfo">
    <label>Global Information</label>
    <label xml:lang="ar-SA">معلومات شاملة</label>
    <label xml:lang="bg-BG">Глобална информация</label>
    <label xml:lang="bs-BS">Maklumat Global</label>
    <label xml:lang="bs-ID">Informasi Global</label>
    <label xml:lang="ca-ES">Informació global</label>
    <label xml:lang="cs-CZ">Globální informace</label>
    <label xml:lang="cy-GB">Gwybodaeth Fyd-eang</label>
    <label xml:lang="da-DK">Globale informationer</label>
    <label xml:lang="de-CH">Globale Informationen</label>
    <label xml:lang="de-DE">Globale Informationen</label>
    <label xml:lang="el-GR">Γενικές Πληροφορίες</label>
    <label xml:lang="en-GB">Global Information</label>
    <label xml:lang="es-ES">Información global</label>
    <label xml:lang="es-MX">Información global</label>
    <label xml:lang="fi-FI">Yleistiedot</label>
    <label xml:lang="fr-CA">Informations globales</label>
    <label xml:lang="fr-FR">Informations globales</label>
    <label xml:lang="he-IL">מידע גלובלי</label>
    <label xml:lang="hi-IN">वैश्विक जानकारी</label>
    <label xml:lang="hr-HR">Globalni podaci</label>
    <label xml:lang="hu-HU">Globális információ</label>
    <label xml:lang="it-IT">Informazioni globali</label>
    <label xml:lang="ja-JP">グローバル情報</label>
    <label xml:lang="ko-KR">글로벌 정보</label>
    <label xml:lang="nb-NO">Global informasjon</label>
    <label xml:lang="nl-NL">Wereldwijde informatie</label>
    <label xml:lang="pl-PL">Informacje ogólne</label>
    <label xml:lang="pt-BR">Informações gerais</label>
    <label xml:lang="pt-PT">Informação geral</label>
    <label xml:lang="ro-RO">Informaţii globale</label>
    <label xml:lang="ru-RU">Глобальная информация</label>
    <label xml:lang="sk-SK">Globálne informácie</label>
    <label xml:lang="sl-SI">Globalne informacije</label>
    <label xml:lang="sr-RS">Globalne informacije</label>
    <label xml:lang="sv-SE">Global information</label>
    <label xml:lang="th-TH">ข้อมูลทั่วโลก</label>
    <label xml:lang="tr-TR">Genel Bilgiler</label>
    <label xml:lang="uk-UA">Загальна інформація</label>
    <label xml:lang="vi-VN">Thông tin toàn cục</label>
    <label xml:lang="zh-CN">全球信息</label>
    <label xml:lang="zh-TW">全域資訊</label>



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