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This article clarifies the mostly frequent asked questions regarding Pre-Screening Questions on RCM.


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1. How to upload questions via CSV file

  • Column A: Type of question. There are four question types.

        Multiple choice: QUESTION_MULTI_CHOICE

        Numeric: QUESTION_NUMERIC

        Text: QUESTION_TEXT

        Rating scales: QUESTION_RATING

  • Column B: Category
  • Column C: Used for cascading questions. You inform the parent question on this column.
  • Column D: Question. If you are using cascading questions, this column refers to the child question.
  • Column E: Description of the question
  • Column F: In case the question Rating Scale type, you inform the name of the Rating Scale on this column. Otherwise, it is not necessary to populate this field, system auto-populates it.
  • Column G: Options for Multiple Choices questions. You can see the options when the CSV is downloaded, but system does not accept more than one option one this column when uploading it. The recommendation is to use the column J in case you have the set of options already created on the system.
  • Column H: Desired answer. This field should be used only for Numeric and Rating questions. For free text questions, the desired field is used to limit the characters on the field. For Multiple Choices questions enter the number corresponding to the desired answer, i.e. if the possible answers are "Yes, No, Maybe", then enter 1 for Yes, 2 for No and 3 for Maybe. 
  • Column I: If you need the answer to be accepted as the desired answer or a higher value, then you enter "higher", in the opposite way, you enter "lower"
  • Column J: Global Unique Identifier (GUID). This field must be specified on a pre-screening question when you have the same question translated on another language. When you add the pre-screening question to a requisition that is posted in multiple languages, and then you toggle between the languages, the pre-screening questions will toggle between the translations as well. Also, in case you have another question in the same or in another Question Library that has the same group of options that you need to use (in case the question is Multiple Choice), you can simply enter the GUID number from this question and the system will auto-populate the same options and desired options from the question selected.
  •  Column K: Language of the question, for example, en_US, pt_BR, es_MX


  • You can upload questions for more than one category on the same file.
  • You can upload questions for more than one language on the same file.

2. Steps to create Rating Scales for Pre-Screening Questions

  1. Admin Center
  2. Company Settings
  3. Rating Scales
  4. Create New Rating Scale
  5. Enter the Name
  6. Enter the description
  7. You can select the quantity of options on the left side on the screen. In case you need more than seven options, select Build your own. There you can add how many scores you desire.
  8. Enter data on Score, Label and Description.
  9. Save

3. How do we permission the prescreening questions?

    The pre-screening questions are only visible to candidate during the initial application (Default status). It cannot be permission to other status in the pipeline. The questionResponse field is more of the operator's (not candidate) permission to see the Screening Question section in application to see candidate's answer.


  • You can create questions for several languages on the same file.
  • CSV file - Description for each column

Please note that the way pre-screening questions appear on the application profile for a candidate, is with the question and candidates answer only. There is no way to configure all of the answer options to appear also on the application.

  • Note there is an enhancement engineering ticket open currently that is reviewing the limitations of pre screening questions with the view to adding some functionalities within a future release based on customer feedback on the Influence portal. Please ask your CSM to follow RCM-70079 for updates.

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