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2549413 - Product Quantity Decimal Display Incorrect In Stock Overview


You have set the Physical Unit of Measurement X to display 'n' decimal places in Business Configuration. However, system displays only 'm' decimals (m is less than n) in Stock Overview Screen.

  • X represents a unit of Measure for example: Liter, Meter, Each etc.
  • m and n represent a numerical value for example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.


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Reproducing the Issue

Unit of Measure configuration in Business Configuration:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Implementation Project view.
  3. Select Open Activity List.
  4. Search for the Activity: 'Quantities and Units of Measure'.
  5. Click either 'Create and Maintain Physical Units' (or on 'Create and Maintain Trading Units' depending on your requirement).
  6. Search for Unit of Measurement: X.
  7. You can see in the column 'Display Decimals' that 'n' decimals is set.

Open the Stock Overview Screen from any Logistics Work Centers for example: Inbound Logistics, Outbound Logistics, Internal Logistics, and so on... When you enter the relevant Product and execute the search, the Stock is displayed only up to 'm' decimals for the given Product and Site combination.


System will not append the zero at the end of the decimal value. System will display the actual decimal number if there was a digit other than zero.

For example:

  • 99,932.9740 - there are 4 decimal places here, as indicated in the fine tune setting activity.99,932.974 - there are 3 decimal places here as displayed in Stock Overview. Hence, the digit '0' is truncated. Please note that the same quantity will be shown in other inventory screens like Product Planning Available Stock, Projected Material Flow, Valuated Stock Overview.
  • The system will display 4 decimals if there is a digit other than zero like for example: 99,932.9742.
  • If there are no decimal places to display, the system will not display any decimal value. Example: 99,932.0000 will not be displayed in the stock overview. It will be displayed as 99,932



This behavior is the designed system behavior.

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