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2550522 - Error While Importing E-Mails Using Data Workbench


Your requirement is to import EMail with status Completed using Data Workbench. But you are not able to proceed due to processing error:

Action NOTIFY_OF_RECPT not possible; action is disabled

CorrespondenceTransmissionStatusCode does not fit to InitiatorCode


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Data Workbench work center
  2. Select Import
  3. Select the Object EMail
  4. Select Next
  5. Upload the template
  6. Select Import
  7. In the Monitor tab, check for the respective Task ID to understand the status of the Import
  8. The Task is Finished with Errors 


Leading zeros of Code values like DocumentType and Category are truncated while updating the CSV file.

When you want to upload the EMail with status Completed, you cannot directly set the Status to Completed. Instead, both TransmissionStatusCode and InitiatorCode need to be set correctly.

Once the EMail is uploaded, backend logic will set it to status Completed.


Once you Export the CSV file, open the same file with Notepad++ , Fill the CSV file with the leading zeroes for Code values for DocumentType and Category fields.

As you want to upload EMail with status Completed, you may leave the Status and StatusText fields empty and fill the other fields. KBA 3036210 informs how to enable the import of a completed EMail.

After editing the file, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Menu and select the option Encoding
  2. Select the option Convert to UTF-8
  3. Save the file on Menu->File->Save as
  4. Name the file and add the extension .CSV
  5. Example: filename.csv
  6. Upload this file in Data Workbench

Note: You may use software which is approved by your organization/IT.

See Also

See also KBA: 3036210 - How to Migrate E-Mails With Status Completed Using Data Workbench

See also Data Workbench documentation, on guidelines to update CSV files.


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