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2551046 - Error 'Parent line only supported for text items' Occurs When Add Parent Item for a Sales Quote


You want to add a parent item to an item in a sales quote, which is not a text item, then the error 'Parent line only supported for text items' occurs.


SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Sales work center.
  2. Go to Sales Quotes work cetner view.
  3. Go to Products tab.
  4. Enter a Parent Item for an existing item.
  5. If you do not enter a text item, error 'Parent line only supported for text items' occurs.


Complex relationships from product item to product sub item is not implemented.

In C4C you cannot maintain a product item as a parent item and it is also not possible to maintain any item as parent item of itself.

Only a sub item in a sales quote can be a text item.

Parent lines are only available for text items. Not for Product items. This does not mean, that any item can be the parent of a text item. A Product item can have a text item parent, but not be the parent of a text item.

Please note the following:

If there are Product items that behave differently, they are most likely created through an integration scenario: It is not possible to create sub items for a product item manually in C4C.

The sub items, should you encounter such a scenario, were created by an external system because you used the button Request external pricing. If you use integration scenarios and document types where the pricing and calculation is done in an external system, the sub items are created by the external system. In this case we accept the items coming from this external system on C4C side, but they are read-only and no one is able to modify these external created sub-items in C4C. It is also not possible to add additional ones. If you change the main items, the external sub items are deleted and you have to request external pricing again to re-create them

This can be seen if you change the quantity of the main item. You will notice the two sub items are deleted. Now press Request external pricing and you will see the external system has re-created the two sub items

These scenarios are used if you are dealing with BOM explosion (bill of material), free goods or similar scenarios which are not supported in C4C.

Note: A text item is an item, which contains only a description text, but no product. When an item contains a product, then it is no text item. Hence you get the error “Product not allowed for text item”. 
In Sales Quotes, product items can never be a parent of another item (except for the bill of material scenario). It’s only possible to have a text item as parent of a product item.

C4C Service Contracts can handle all combinations of text and product items in a hierarchy. But due to the tight coupling between Sales Quotes and Sales Contracts, also for Sales Contracts there are restrictions in the hierarchy.


This is the standard system behavior.


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