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  • When making a change to the title of a Cost Center checking teh job information for users, the Cost Center title shows the previous value before the change.
  • This KB article explains the intended way to update Generic Objects (GO), the expected behavior of the system, as well as how these changes need to be administered.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Update a an MDF object such as Cost Center (for example Name) in Manage Data with effective date as of 01/01/2016.
  2. Navigate to the Job Information of a user with that Cost Center. 
  3. The name change can be seen on view of Job Information. 
  4. However the name change is not reflected in Job History or EP Location field. 


  • On view of Job Information in PP3, the label effective as of today's date will be displayed, however this is only a display feature.
  • In Job History the correct label as per the Job History's records effective date is shown.
  • A new record with effective date equal to or after the change to the Cost Center needs to be inserted in Job Information of the user for the change to be reflected in Job History and synced to EP.


  • Keep the following in mind if you are updating the data held in a Generic Object:

    • Generic Objects are Effectively Dated, the same as a Job Information record is. This means when you want to make a change to a Generic Object, you should never edit the Object directly, you should always use the “Insert New Record” to update the Generic Object.
    • Note some Generic Object fields propagate other fields in the system, for example the Legal Entity Generic Object > Country of Registration field can be configured to propagate the Job information > Country of Company field.
    • As with any change in a company, the change would be available from a certain date. This is how Generic Objects should be updated also. For example, you need to update the Name of a Cost Center Generic Object. The process to perform this action is as follows: 
      1. Go to Admin Tools > Manage Data and select Cost Center from the “Search” drop down menu.
      2. Locate the Cost Center GO you want to amend and select it. Once it has loaded on the screen, click the Insert New Record button in the top right.
      3. It will ask you “When do you want your changes to take effect?” Set a date

IMPORTANT: Ensure the date set is either the today date or a future dated date. If you set the date in the past, this could affect Job Information records that are using the older Cost Center value but the effective start date of that Job Information record is after the Effective Start Date of the Cost Center GO’s changes.

      1.  Best practice is to set these GO changes to happen over a weekend, when Job Information changes are not likely to be made
  • Once the Generic Object has been updated, add a new Job Information record to all Employees that should have this updated Cost Center. For example, if you updated the Cost Centers name from “Division 1 funds” to “Division 1A's funds ”, the system will not automatically propagate that change to Job Information, so you will need to update all users who have “Division 1 funds” set as theirCost Center in Job Information. This is because GO’s are effectively dated, and so are Job Information records.

Note: The date you set the Generic Object change to take effect from, will restrict the visibility of the change in the system, until that Effective Start Date is reached. For example, if you Make an GO change to happen on 02/02/2013, and you got to an employee’s Job Information and insert a Job Info record that is effectively dated 01/02/2013, then the Generic Object will not show the update, because the GO’s change occurs on effective date 02/02/2013. Always bear in mind the dating you use and how this affects your users data.

  • To make a change on mass, use the Mass Changes tool located in Admin Tools. If you do not have this tool enabled already, please reach out to your Implementation Partner to have this feature enabled. This is the easiest way to then create a new Job Information record for all users with the Generic Object that needs to be updated in their Job Information records. For more information on Mass Changes see KB article 2315372 - Employee Central - Administrative Tools
  • Changes to Job Information can also be made via the EC User Inferface or by using an Import. 

In Addition:

  • To fix issues of this nature you can Insert a new Record into Job History after the effective date of the latest record on the Object.
  • This also applies to Foundation Objects and is explained in KB article 2080801 - How to update Foundation Objects, and the respective Employee Data - Employee Central

Note: If you map a MDF subject user field to an EP field via sync mapping, from job info, and that EP field is used to build permission groups, it won't sync down through and you will need manually update the permission groups individually.

See Also

  • 2315372 - Employee Central - Administrative Tools
  • 2080801 - How to update Foundation Objects, and the respective Employee Data - Employee Central


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