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2556318 - Disable Autorun For Queries In UI Designer


You want to permanently disable certain queries from loading automatically upon selection or entering a screen for all users of the system.

There are a variety of scenarios where this could be necessary. One example is if your query loads too many entries it may lead to performance issues, so by disabling autorun it may improve overall system usability and performance.


HTML5 & Silverlight


  1. Open UI Designer.
  2. Within UI Designer open the UI component of the desired screen where you have the query.
  3. Click on the Controller tab on the bottom of the left panel.
  4. On the left panel click on the Queries folder to expand it.
  5. Expand the items within the folder until the last level to see all available queries of that screen.
  6. Select the desired query you wish to permanently deactivate the autorun.
  7. On the right panel of the screen make sure you’re in Properties tab (bottom of the panel).
  8. Now on Properties right panel you should have the Behaviour category, expand it if it is not expanded already.
  9. You’ll see the PreventQueryExecution property which can be set to True or False.
  10. It usually has a False value, but you can set it to True so that query should not execute automatically anymore for any user.

With the 1802 system release it is planned to have the functionality implemented directly in the front-end, within the Organize Queries option.


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