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2556805 - 'Error in processing, file contains invalid content' Error Message While Uploading Switzerland ISO20022 Bank Statement File


You are trying to upload a Bank Statement file for a Swiss bank with import format ISO20022 Bank Statement, however, while uploading the file you get the error message: 'Error in processing, file contains invalid content'.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Liquidity Management work center.
  2. Go to File Management > Inbound Files view.
  3. Click New > Inbound File.
  4. Enter Import Format ISO20022 Bank Statement and additional required data.
  5. Click Add > File and select the respective XML file.
  6. Click Start File Upload.

Error message is thrown:

'Error in processing, file contains invalid content'


The ISO20022 XML file you are trying to upload is either a CAMT.053 version 4 or a CAMT.054 version 4.

You can identify the exact CAMT format and version by looking to the XML file:

CAMT.053 version 4: search for tag urn:iso:std:iso:20022:tech:xsd:camt.053.001.04

CAMT.054 version 4: search for tag urn:iso:std:iso:20022:tech:xsd:camt.054.001.04


For Swiss banks, currently Business ByDesign only supports CAMT.053 version 2 and CAMT.054 version 2.

SAP is working to provide the new CAMT versions for Switzerland until the end of the year (2017).

In the meantime, please approach your bank and ask if they can provide you with a version 2 of the concerned CAMT XML file or edit the file manually before uploading in the system.

To edit the file, please find and replace all the occurrences of camt.053.001.04 or camt.054.001.04 by camt.053.001.02 and camt.054.001.02, respectively.

See Also

CAMT is short for cash management, the new bank statement formats are XML and will be compliant with the recent ISO 20022. CAMT ensures the customer a continuous XML process, mainly for SEPA payments, from submission through to the account statement with no disruption. All Swiss financial institutions participating in bank payment systems will have migrated to ISO 20022 by late 2017. The Swiss financial center decided they should also harmonize their payment transfers to make them more efficient than the current system.


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